August 15, 2017

ChiroSushi Samurai is NOW Accepting Applications!

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Press Release

For 2018 Growth and Beyond!

ChiroSushi – the team behind the, The ChiroSushi Summit and ChiroSushi Samurai is now accepting applications for:

  1. Digital Content Producers
  2. Administrative / Sales Assistants
  3. Sales / Customer Success go here source site source comprar cytotec follow url go to site plan detaille dissertation canine heart failure lasix shivering comprar viagra sin receta sevilla lying down after synthroid viagra at 42 average propecia results erik erikson essays frank hopfgartner thesis case study club viagra en farmacias barcelona austrian embassy dublin essay competition combien de temps avant de prendre le viagra source link help cover letter source url lung cancer research paper topics how to write a lab report for anatomy and physiology essay on history of nursing Our Mission:

To help Chiropractors, CA’s and practices THRIVE by connecting them with menTORS in marketing, sales and operations in and outside of Chiropractic.

About Us

Labeled the “DisrupTORS and InnovaTORS” by ICA President George Curry – ChiroSushi launched on online platform which is now recognized as one of the top Chiropractic blogs and one of most anticipated annual events in Chiropractic – The ChiroSushi Summit – which last featured Grant Cardone, John Sung Kim and some of the most successful Chiropractic menTORS from all over the world – and in 2018 will be featuring Tucker Max, Joanna Lord and Kute Blackson.

Now at the tail-end of the summer of 2017 ChiroSushi has launched:

The ChiroSushi SamuraiĀ  (learn more HERE)

The ChiroSushi Samurai is a one-stop shop resource that includes:

  • Access to over 25 experts in niche fields such as: Money Mgmt, Insurance Billing, The Chiropractic Consult, HIPAA, Facebook Ads, Retention, Events and many more!
  • Daily workshops, on-line mentoring and uploads ofr tactile and implementable content.
  • Quarterly book club
  • Exclusive Q & A with leaders, experts and authors such as Mark Manson, Rand Fishkin, Noah Kagen and more..
  • Free Passes to the ChiroSushi Summit, ChiroSushi Masterminds and more

We’re already planning for accelerated growth for 2018 – and we’re now accepting applications – we are not currently hiring for 2017 unless a ROCKSTAR changes our minds and makes us find an investor so we can afford them…but we are starting the process of collecting applications now.

Please send:

Resume and Cover Letter to with the subject line: “Here is my app!”