February 18, 2017

Are You A ChiroProcrastinator? This Might Be The Tool For You

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Marketing Tools, Practice Management

Need a little extra motivation to push along your next project or task?

Maybe it’s signing up for the International Chiropractic Association 

or maybe it’s signing up for that new Facebook program that will accelerate your referrals 


Whatever it is, Chiropractors are known for procrastinating and this might just be the answer:

Meet justPublish

What is justPublish? Let’s see what the founder says:

“I built justPublish to solve my own problem: I have way too many draft blog posts sitting in Medium and WordPress. My excuses for not publishing ranged from writer’s block to procrastination. But then on a podcast, Malcolm Gladwell answered the question “how have you been able to write so much?” by explaining how he spent years at the New Yorker working under an editor. And in the world of journalism, deadlines mean there’s no such thing as writer’s block. So I built this app to let anyone create their own meaningful deadlines. You just connect it to your social accounts through Buffer, add the link, title and deadline for the draft project you’re working on, and boom. The accountability and risk of social embarrassment work like magic. Yes, I even launched justPublish ahead of schedule by setting a deadline on justPublish.” Brent Summers, Founder
It’s two steps:
Start a draft of an article or project
Paste your draft link/unfinished project into your dashboard and tell us when you’d like it published by.
Watch procrastination disappear
When the deadline strikes, we will automatically share your project link to your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. Watch in amazement as the fear of embarrassment turns you into a prolific maker. Need more time? It’s up to your editor.

Nothing like a little embarrassment and guilt to get you proactive right?

So put in your next task (like buying tickets to the ChiroSushi Summit) and stop procrastinating 

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