February 18, 2018

10 Reasons Chiropractors Are Full Of Baloney

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

Guest Post From Dr. Barbara Eaton

It’s my awareness that EVERY practicing chiropractor needs to hear the information.

Let’s start where ALL success begins. We’ll start with your mindset and your consciousness. The following examples are from real-life discussions and coaching sessions that I’ve had with countless chiropractors from around the world.

These discussions have led me to create my Top Ten You’re Full of Baloney List when it comes to why a chiropractor’s business is NOT succeeding.

#1 on my list: “You Don’t Understand My Town/City”

You’re full of baloney! 

Is there at least one other chiropractor in your town or city that is succeeding in practice? Well there you go. If there’s at least one other member of your profession who is succeeding in your community, then you’ve simply proven your theory wrong.

Now for those of you in small or rural communities where you ARE the only other chiropractor then let me rephrase the question. Is there at least one other SERVICE PROVIDER (whether it’s an accountant, lawyer, financial advisor, dentist or other health care provider) that is succeeding in your community?

The answer, I’m certain is “YES“! Again, you’ve just proven to yourself that you’re full of baloney.

Remember this, a lie is only a lie IF you believe it!

Now, if the honest to goodness truth of the matter is that there is NO ONE succeeding in ANY type of service industry in your area, then I have to ask you a question. Why did you settle in that town or city in the first place?

Realize this, if it truly IS your town – it’s not the town’s fault. It’s YOUR fault, you settled there. No one “MADE” you settle down in a depressed, no business to be found community. You made the choice.

So stop blaming your environment for your lack of desired success. Take responsibility and realize that you are where you are because of WHO you are.  The great thing about choice…it’s free and you can make a choice TODAY to get out of your town/community if it was the wrong choice to begin with.

“Rejection is experienced by those unwilling to accept responsibility for the outcome of their circumstances.”

Chew on that one as you empty yourself of baloney.

#2. “I’m thinking of changing careers, professions.”

You’re full of baloney. While it may be true that you’re not achieving or accomplishing the results that you desire the reality is that the career or profession may be different – but you will NOT be.

You will be bringing the same “who” to a new form of “do”. So you don’t need a new profession, you need to learn the specific strategies and systems that lead to the successful operation of your business.

“Be successful right where you are and then take that mindset/consciousness, habits, and momentum into your new adventure.”

During a conversation with Pastor Kenny from our church he shared that he and his wife hiked the Appalachian Trail-all of it-from Georgia to Maine. It took them just over 6 months. He said that among hikers their commitment is that they can choose to quit the trail IF: their belly is full of food; they have had a good night of rest; the weather is good; and that they’ve spoken to someone from home.

In other words, they can certainly quit this arduous endeavor…but it MUST be when things are good, not when things are bad. What a GREAT philosophy to live by. It’s always easy to quit when we’re down or behind; however then that defeat follows us for the rest of our lives.

YOU can champion back. That will NOT happen just because you have that futile motivational talk with yourself that sounds something like this: “Ok, Barbara, that’s it! Tomorrow, you’re going to do all that you know you should be doing. You can’t keep losing money and disappointing others. That’s IT!”

Nope. That’s not gonna cut it. You already know that. 

So, baloney master, do what you know what you must do to grow a new YOU…get help. Success has never been a solitary journey.

Want to chat? We can. Grab your spot here. 


You MAY be “Full of Baloney“, but rest assured, you don’t have to be alone!

Reach out…you’ll be so glad that you did!

#3. “I’m really very good at what I do, but no one is coming into my office!”

You’re full of baloney. Listen, technical skill does not ensure business success. Only 15% of our success is dependent upon our clinical knowledge/experience.  85% is based on our business skills and follow through.

You may have all of the credentials in the world. As a matter of a fact, I see so many doctors running after certification after certification incorrectly assuming that by doing so their credentials will act as a rain dance creating a flood of new practice members.

The reality is that your credentials do NOT attract new business. The reality is that the general consumer doesn’t give a rat’s backside HOW many titles, accolades or letters of distinction you have following your name. I know doctors with DC, DACBO, DACBR, CCSP and a string of letters following their names. And plenty of them are literally starving.

They’re working part time and sometimes full time jobs just to keep food on the table. And yet every weekend, they’re off to the next, best, latest, greatest technique seminar. They are pinning wish against hope that this NEXT thing will be THE thing that drives the masses into their offices.

I am not bashing advanced training so don’t read into this something that isn’t true. I AM saying that your credentials are not the “magic” thing that will bring in consistent, predictable streams of NPMs that are vital to fully funding your ideal lifestyle.

I know plenty of good ole fashioned Doctors of Chiropractic who have mastered the art of attracting and retaining great clientele WITHOUT the alphabet pasted at the end of their names.

You’re full of baloney. You’ve been lied to and you’re lying to yourself. 

#4. “Philosophy isn’t that important.”

Okay, you are REALLY full of baloney.  Whether you choose to believe it or not, YOUR understanding of the philosophy of chiropractic is one of THE most critical components to attracting AND retaining success in practice.  And when you observe passionate, determined chiropractors, their owning of chiropractic philosophy is the fuel for their passion and perseverance.

Now get this very subtle and yet VERY powerful distinction. Do you notice how I said “YOUR” understanding of the philosophy? I don’t expect my practice members to obtain a postgraduate doctorate in the philosophy of chiropractic. I DO expect that I will share the basic philosophy of chiropractic with EVERY member of my practice.

I offer them that the very simple, very beautiful principles of health and healing, from within is ONLY possible when there is no interference. If they choose to learn more, I’m willing to share it with them.

Offer them stories and analogies that are easy for them to understand and share with others.

Practice members don’t refer for 4 main reasons: 

  1. They don’t know the way.
  2.  They don’t know the how.
  3.  They have no desire.
  4.  You haven’t asked them.

Check out a quick referral tutorial here.

MY understanding of the philosophy allows me to give instructions that are more long term, more holistic, more objective and more congruent. I don’t make my instructions based upon what people WANT to hear. I base my instructions upon what they NEED to hear all while blending the art of meeting them where they are and holding a bigger vision than the one they currently hold for themselves.

Here is a tutorial to help you with your confidence with care instructions.

This starts with a VERY relationship-based, inquisitive Consultation that is directed towards uncovering the WHO that is experiencing the what.  Believe it or not, three simple questions in your Consultation will yield your NPM telling you that they want chiropractic care for a lifetime. PERFECT!

If you need help with your Consultation, Confidence, and/or establishing your Care Instructions, let’s chat. 

9#5.  “I don’t want to sell my services or my care.”

You’re full of baloney. And one step further, you’ve got your head buried in the sand. Get this, and I mean REALLY get this, own it…

“NOTHING happens in ANY business unless FIRST a sale is made.”

Period. The End.

Perhaps some crackpot SOLD YOU on the idea that as a professional, as a doctor, you do NOT have to “sell” your services. You know what? That person was one HECK of a sales person because they got you to buy that foolishness!

Sales are what you do when you are face to face with ANYONE that stands between your service and their money. Remember that I told you, you may not LIKE what I have to say – you need to hear it anyway.

Somewhere, somehow too many chiropractors have bought into this idea that they don’t need to sell their care. You doget it, own it, get over it. And until and unless you fully embrace this concept – you’re destined to a life of struggle in business.

And here’s the tougher truth. Even if you take a job as an associate – you STILL have to “sell” yourself and your service to your PMs. If you don’t you’ll get canned. People won’t stay with you, they won’t accept your recommendations and they won’t refer others to you.

NOTHING in business happens until a sale is made.

Grant Cardone says it best…SELL or BE SOLD!

NOW – are there HIGHLY effective ways to “sell” your services without being a salesperson? YES!  And I have endless proof to support the FACT that I can and do coach chiropractors from across the globe who are doing just that.  The moment you feel you need to justify yourself or your instructions, you are selling instead of extending opportunity.  It’s up to you to uncover what your PM values and then to reveal their paradigm about care.  After that, make your recommendations and give them the space and support to choose the health they want.

If you don’t know how to effectively sell chiropractic, I can help.

If you don’t know how to effectively close the deal so that your PMs can get the care they need and want. I can help.

If your team isn’t being trained consistently in the world of sales and closing, IPROMISE that you’re working WAY harder than you have to. Check out this quick broadcast about integrity and sales and then decide if you truly ARE “Full of Baloney!

#6. “EVERYONE Deserves to Get Adjusted”.

You’re full of baloney. And if you’ve been practicing for more than about 30 minutes, you’ve come to this realization. You may not own it intellectually. You probably own it emotionally.

Sure, I’ll agree that virtually everyone likely needs to be adjusted. That does not mean they DESERVE it.

Chiropractic care is a privilege; it is NOT a right. You can argue with this concept until you’re blue in the face. Your belief in that statement is not necessary. It is what it is.

Too many well-intentioned chiropractors are burning themselves out, feeding their family to the stress shredder and driving themselves completely NUTS by buying into the concept that everyone deserves chiropractic care.  They are working themselves broke all while touting that chiropractic is about abundance.  Yah, it is and abundance is holographic!  The abundance theme is to be a common theme throughout every fabric of our lives.

No one is entitled to your service. If you’re running a non-profit, charity practice and you can afford to do that – that’s AWESOME. However, you’ll find if you haven’t already, there are many people to whom you can GIVE your care away for free and they STILL don’t want it.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… those are concepts that every human deserves. What they do with that life, how they CHOOSE to liberate themselves and what they pursue as happiness is TOTALLY personal.

Let’s put this concept of deserving chiropractic into a different context. Does everyone deserve toilet paper? Sure, we all “need” it, but not everyone deserves it! How about a cell phone? Does everyone deserve one? No, it’s a privilege. And my gut read is that you probably haven’t purchased too many cell phones for strangers because you feel that they deserve one.

Don’t assume that the world deserves chiropractic care. It’s a privilege that must be earned.

Yes, it’s about your mindset. Check out how these doctors are using the boot camp to adjust their mindset and are LOVING the results!

Yes, the deserve to learn…because they invested in themselves to step up, take action, and radically shift their lives!

And if Dr Jordan’s and Dr Amy’s transformations are enough, check out ROCK STAR boot camper, Dr Quynh’s message to you!  

If you can see yourself growing, shifting, and emptying your OWN baloney, the great news is that you CAN achieve it! You wouldn’t “see” it as possible if it wasn’t. You would just discount it. However, if you’re contemplating that you CAN live in abundance instead of giving away your care then it’s time for us to talk!

Being wealthy SMOKES being broke! Let’s talk about your abundance-centered life. Grab a coaching session here.

#7.  “I’m doing everything I possibly can – and my business STILL isn’t doing any better!”

You’re full of baloney. 

This is one of the biggest lies professionals sell themselves on a regular basis. Are you kidding me? You’re doing EVERYTHING you possibly can? How do you know?

What you’re doing is confusingactivity” with “achievement”.

Success is based on our habits.  Successful people are simply the ones who consistently do what others won’t do. Your status quo in any area of your life is the direct result of your past habits.  So if you want your future to change, you MUST alter your habits.

A sixty-five year old, 5 foot, 3 inch man with a 40-inch waste may go to the local basketball court every day of the week and shoot baskets for 6 hours per day. His chance of “achieving” a spot on a professional basketball team is pretty dismal regardless of how much activity he puts into the endeavor!

In other words, just because you’re busy, does NOT mean that you’re doing the right things. And you may be doing a ton of “stuff” – but it doesn’t mean that the stuff is bringing you one step closer to your success. Be mindful that if your goal is to be “busy” you will likely hit that goal quickly.  But “busy” cannot be put on a deposit slip and taken to the bank. So, what do you REALLY want-or better put-what serves you best?

So, what you’re really doing is doing everything you KNOW – not everything that you can. And if what you know is not providing you with what you want… guess what? You’ve managed to kid yourself broke. Find people who KNOW and observe.

There are two ways to succeed.

  1. You can stumble in the dark, fumbling around hoping to survive all of the pitfalls, all of the mistakes and all of the mysteries of business. Heck – you might succeed… if you have enough time, energy and financial resources.
  2. Or – you can observe people who ARE already successful and learn how to think like they do and then take action. One path takes a very long time and has a lot of stress associated with it. The other one doesn’t.

It’s what I learned AFTER I thought I knew it all that made all the difference in the world. A great question to ask yourself is, “What am I willing to do to succeed on my terms” vs. thinking that you’re already doing everything that you can.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you about the most innovative marketing tips that can be YOURS…

My private coaching clients and all of the boot camp members were treated to an intensive 5-hour Ultimate Marketing Summit on December 15th. I also did 2+ additional hours before and after the summit to ensure EVERY marketing “t” was crossed and “i” dotted so that my clients could easily have their entire year planned. All they had to do was follow the simple, daily steps that are customized specifically to their practice.

And YES when you join the boot camp or become a private coaching client, you too, will immediately be sent the comprehensive Ultimate Marketing Workbook AND the 7+ hours of intensive training.

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#8. “I don’t get why people don’t get it! They just don’t understand the importance of chiropractic care!”

Have you ever said anything like that? Me too. “You’re full of baloney.”  And my answer for this one could really begin and end with FOCUS ON BEING INTERESTED more than you’re INTERESTING!  Seek to know your PM before you press them to know you and chiropractic.

It gets under my skin every time I hear, “People just have to understand why they’re here.”

Come again?

If I’m following you here, what you’re saying is that your PMs don’t know why they got into their car, drove to your office and then walked in to get adjusted….?

Silly right!?

YOU must uncover their hot buttons and what they value. If you don’t reveal what they value and/or fail to help them see that your customized care plan is the perfect solution for them they will never exchange their hard earned dollar for their care.

Unless they perceive your care to be of greater value than the money they’re investing in their care, they won’t do it.

The reality is that it’s not that you don’t “get” why they don’t understand. It’s that you don’t “get” that your PM needs to be understood BEFORE they care to, or even CAN understand you! Out of curiosity, what do you want them to “get”?  What is your proof that those who DO “get” it are better than those who don’t?  Are you consistently tracking your actions and stats to thus KNOW what formula does work best in your practice?

We are in the relationship business and those business owners who have effective systems to nurture and build relationships are the ones that will continue to thrive in any economy.

Have you clearly even identified what you want them to “get” and what value is there to YOU, and to them, when they arrive at that magical world of “getting it”?

#9 “I don’t know how to run a business – I just want to adjust as many people as possible and I know that the Universe/God will provide for me.”

“Dude, dude-ette, you are SO full of baloney!” I mean seriously, please tell me that you’re kidding. Here are several thoughts on this subject:

First, let me ask you a question. When you go to the store to buy anything – can you buy it with excuses or do you need currency?

Yes, you need currency.

Another question for you – when you go to the bank do you deposit excuses or do you deposit money?

Right…it takes money, and preferably an obscene abundance of money!! Just think of all of the people who your wealth represents that you helped to earn it and then add that to the vast number of individuals you can help through charities because you are in ABUNDANCE! BOO YAH!

The choice is yours. 

I am pretty sure it’s not a secret to you that the stores, they ain’t taking excuses in exchange for their goods or services. And the bank, it doesn’t deposit excuses in exchange for cash. 

So drop this lame excuse from your consciousness – because you’re not fooling anyone with your “poor, poor, pitiful me, I don’t know how to run a business” mantra.

Understand that there are THREE things every business owner must know and own:

1.     What is the lifetime value of a PM in your office?

2.     What does it cost you to deliver your service on a visit to visit basis?

3.     What is your net profit per visit or service?

Your income must exceed your expenses. You generate income via your marketing systems. You reduce expenses to increase profits. You make your living based upon profits. Without profits, you’re out of business.

Bottom line is the bottom line. Honestly, as a coach to thousands of chiropractors throughout the years, I’m really tired of hearing this baloney. And if this doesn’t apply to you – then please, do me a favor, whenever one of your chiropractic pals calls you up and starts this lament, stop them immediately. Tell them what I just recommended here.

If you truly don’t know how to run a practice you have two options:

  • Option One: Learn how 
  • Option Two: Get out of practice and go work for someone else.

Whatever you do, stop buying your own baloney. Everyone around you is MORE than tired of listening to your excuses, pity party, and justifications.

#10.  “If I just had the right scripting for my report of findings, my consultation, my visit to visit communication, my health care demonstration, my examination, my blah, blah, blah….THEN I could be successful!”

Say it with me… “You’re Full of BALONEY!Yes, it is essential that you have systems in place to communicate your services and the benefits that you have to offer your practice members. Yes, it’s essential that you are consistent in the application and the implementation of these systems. Yes, it’s essential that you run all of your new and existing PMs through a complete cycle of education about the basics of your care and services.

NO – it’s NOT dependent upon someone ELSE’S script! This is YOUR practice. This is YOUR life. You can learn from others. You can pick up pointers and tips. However YOU must take full responsibility for YOUR life and YOUR success.  You don’t wear someone else’s wardrobe to work every day, do you?  So why would you want to clothe your communication with someone else’s words? Learn the MINDSET, CONTENT, and PRESENTATION and demand that it is customized to fit YOU!  AUTHENTICITY IS HIGHLY SOUGHT-AFTER and ATTRACTIVE!

Let me ask you a question. If success in practice boiled down to the “perfect” script – why isn’t every chiropractor utilizing THAT script to great success?

I have my own theories – but I’d like YOU to think this one through on your own.

  • A script is only as effective as the person utilizing it is.
  • A script is only as effective as the person measuring the result is.
  • A script is only as effective as the rehearsal and concurring level of mastery.

I have coached a plethora of chiropractors who have tried the scripted practice for a number of years. Yes, some scripts helped. But in the long run, the BEST script written FOR them was the one written through our collaboration.  The process goes like this:  Template is presented through our coaching; rehearsal happens during our coaching calls and on their own; implementation and testing of the new script occurs; results are measured.  When the customized script yields their desire result, a new PERSONALIZED system is created and then CONSISTENTLY implemented.

Honestly, success in practice isn’t that hard.  The choices we make, the consciousness/mindset we adopt, and finally the determination by which we persist until we achieve our goals IS the basic “script” that all successful chiropractors follow.

So, I gotta ask you, what results is YOUR practice “script” yielding for you?

If your results are anything less than maximized abundance DUMP your baloney and fulfill the mission you were called to fulfill.

No more baloney!

Yep, we can get together to forever shift YOUR script!

Grab a coaching session here because being “Full of Baloney” is just SO 90s and a terrible script for everyone!!

By God’s grace, I opened my practice and within 90 days was serving 180 office visits per week.  This momentum continued till I was consistently serving 400 per week with one office manager, one PT CA, and a PT insurance biller. Yep, I like to run a lean, well-trained and determined team.  As a result of showing that I had what it took to succeed in practice, I started coaching other chiropractors early on in my career, 1999 to be exact.  I have continued serving our profession as a leader and coach since that time.  What a rush to help other chiropractors see and own their genius and optimum potential!

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