March 6, 2016

This Upstate NY Man Chose Chiropractic Over A Lung Transplant And It Saved His Life

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Pop Culture, Chiropractic Success

“I came to the Chiropractor because I couldn’t breath for 4 Years!”

Dr. Timothy J. Schaub knew he had his hands full when he watched this gentleman, featured in the video below, take 5 minutes to walk 5 steps.

“But Chiropractic has the power to change anyone at any time in their life!” said Dr. Schaub “So I was ready to get to work!”

Something spectacular was happening in Dr. Schaub’s Chiropractic office in Upstate NY and the community was abuzz.

Watch the video below to hear this amazing transformation and incredible story!
(Story is queued for you already but if you lose your place it’s at the 29:!5 mark)

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