October 12, 2018

Should A Chiropractor Really Being Doing This???

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

One thin crust pepperoni spine at a time?

The other day in The Holding Tank – the freaking amazing group that accompanies CloseForChiro – a “Tanker” asked the question:

“Local pizza shop is going to put flyers on pizza boxes for delivery. First print is 10,000 with ~ 500 deliveries per week. Cost $460. Not much cost and gets my name out there. Yes or No?”

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So do you want to be known as the “Pizza Box Top Chiro?”

The majority of responders, of course, said no.

But this is why sometimes you don’t bring your marketing questions to highly trained Closers/Chiropractors!

First of all – let’s look at direct mail overall

Because this really has to start there right?

But wait…

Didn’t direct mail marketing die?

Not really

In 2016, The Data & Marketing Association reported that the direct mail customer response rate increased by 43%. Even better, the prospect response rate increased by 190% compared to 2015.

And (smart) marketers are utilizing it more in conjunction with their digital efforts

“It’s a missing personal touch in an incredibly busy world.” – Neil Patel

But it can be costly

Depending on your most important factor, retention, it can be!

But are you selling 40oz of Budlight or 33 Principles of Freedom?

Plus the ROI on Direct Mail competes with PPC

What if a direct mail flyer was on top of a pizza box?

This advertising method solves the biggest direct mail problem – making it inside the house.

The direct mail company TOPPRZ says that 93% of Americans eat pizza.

That statistics by itself creates a solid platform for advertising. Since almost everybody eats pizza, the outreach is tremendous. And for the price of 7 cent per flyer, the TOPPRZ advertising method makes is incomparably cheap – or under 5 cents per ad in regards to the original question

But I don’t want to be known as the “Pizza Chiropractor – doesn’t that cheapen my brand?”


Everybody likes Pizza!

I mean, I’d rather be known as the Ice Cream Chiropractor but Pizza will do.

And more importantly, it’s almost guaranteed that your target market and ideal client eat pizza too!

But I get it…you don’t want to be known as the dude or dudette who advertises on Pizza right?

Have you met our friend Grant Cardone? The same one who spoke at our first ever ChiroSushi SummerCamp?

So can it be done right?


Humor. Transparency. Self-Deprecation are part of the recipe.

You will have to get *CREATIVE

Yeah…but I still don’t want to have my face or practice associated with Pizza Boxes

Ok cool.

So let’s explore other options utilizing a  Neighborhood or Community Brand.

Option #1 – Promote a Giveaway via Alternative Brand (The Giver)

Goal: List Building and Audience Segmentation

Tools Needed: KingSumo Giveaway, Prize ($500 -$1000)

Course of Action: Have a flyer to lead to custom domain and landing page featuring a giveaway for your focused or targeted audience.

Long-term Play: Segment Audiences and rotate emails in promoting your events and workshops

Option #2 – Text Opt-In For Community Updates (The Party Source)

Goal: Listbuilding

Tools Needed: Text opt-in tool – check out Zingit

Course of Action: Have a flyer with a text op-tin to receive regular community events.

Long-term Play: Filter your workshops and events into the mix

Option #3 – Get a ______ ( The Downloadable Funnel)


We’re such teases – but

If you want to collaborate together on some more ideas then schedule a time with ChiroSushi!

  1. We’ll brainstorm and get *creative together!

  2. You get to learn WTF we actually do!

Ready to become a Neighborhood Hero? Schedule a time here.

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