March 17, 2016

Are You In Need of a Chiropractic Support Group?

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management


Come have fun with your new Chiropractic Support Group – Cinco De Mayo -Las Vegas – Growth Hacking, Retention Boosting and Team Building!

More often than not Chiropractors in the same community rarely associate with one another on a social and/or professional level.  Guess it has something to do with healthy competition for the same market share or same “piece of pie.” 

Competition is good.  Competition keeps you on your toes, Competition forces you to do just a little bit better.  Fact is you are going to attract to you the type patient you attract regardless of whether there is another Chiropractor across town, down the block or across the street. 


Another fact of life, fact of business is two heads are much greater than one.  Three are better than two, four are better than three.  The more the merrier.  Fact is you and your competition can help one another. 

Almost 50 years ago one Chiropractor recognized this truism.  He called a colleague practicing some 25 miles away suggesting they get together for lunch and “kick around some ideas.”  Just so happened the colleague this doctor called was the son of a Chiropractor who had successfully treated him for Huntington’s Chorea when he was but 12 years old.  Both these young doctors were graduates and strong advocates of the Parker School For Professional Success taught by the legendary Dr. James W. Parker.

That one luncheon date turned into a weekly event.  They agreed lunch did not provide enough time to cuss and discuss ideas so they began meeting one night weekly.  Over a short period of time this duo turned into seven like minded doctors helping each other help each other.  This seven indivdual support group sponsored a program  (Chiropractic Services Month) wherein 3500 individual were examined in one month.  Over a period of time the B.A.C.S. (Bay Area Chiropractic Society) came to influence and assist thousands of young doctors…..yet it started with but two.

All Chiropractors can have such a support group.  If you don’t have one in your area, start one.  Make a call to the colleagues in your area with a simple invite.  “I’ll buy the pizza and beer, you bring your ideas so we can help one another…..hey…..bring a friend.”  You will be flabbergasted at the affect such a support group will have on your practice, your community,  your life.  Try it,  I know you’ll like it!