March 2, 2016

What a Chiropractic Practice Can Learn from the Warriors

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Success

8 Things the Reigning & Defending NBA Champions Can Teach a Chiropractic Office

The Golden State Warriors are on pace to have the most EPIC 2 years in the history of the NBA – So what could a Chiropractic practice take from them?

1. Systems and Communication

We’ve all heard the phrase “Defense Wins Championships”. And all analytical data would suggest that statement is very much true.

While the offense of the Golden State Warriors gets’s all the praise, every NBA junkie would tell you the reason they are so successful is because of their defense.

But what is Defense really?

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Just like in an NBA game situation you and your team need to be prepared for all potential outcomes of running an everyday practice.

There need to be systems in place from new patient orientation to the follow-up calls at the end of the day.

There needs to be non-verbal staff communication to make your team a champion in the office.

What are your current systems you employ and how do you feel your communication rates?

2. Know Your Roles

“I adjust. That’s what I do”

Those words rang in my head every day I helped my father, Timothy J. Schaub DC, in his practice.

They still ring loud today.

One of the reasons the Warriors are dominating the NBA is due to players knowing their roles.

Steph Curry, the reigning MVP is their go-to guy, their star of stars. Klay Thompson is Steph Curry’s Robin to his Batman. Draymond Green is the all-purpose hustler who does the dirty work. Their bench is made up of former #1 picks.

In a Chiropractic office, it is essential that team members know and fulfill their daily roles.

It takes a team to win.

3. Know everyone…everyone is replaceable

Yes. Even the Chiropractor.

The GSW made headline news years ago when the fired their playoff winning coach Mark Jackson and replaced him with the 0-0 lifetime winning coach of Steve Kerr.

This resulted in their first Championship in 40 years.

Earlier in 2015, Steve Kerr became unable to coach (due to the fact he probably didn’t visit his Chiropractor) and the young son of Bill Walton and former LA Lakers Luke Walton stepped in to replace Kerr.

This resulted in the best start for a team in NBA history.

The lesson learned; everyone is replaceable, especially when the system is unbeatable.

4. You have to spend money

But wisely of course.

The GSW have the second highest payroll next to their opponents from the 2015 NBA Finals.

However, they are spending $11 million less in the luxury tax compared to the Cavs. 

In contrast, a Chiropractic practice should pay their employees well and have the best equipment.

They also need to budget for Google AdWords, Facebook sponsored ads, events and more.

You have to spend money to make money isn’t a lie. But, you should also be wise with your spend and curve it to your growth.

5. Trust Your Innate

This one should be easy for Chiropractors!

The owners of the Warriors trusted their guts when hiring Steve Kerr.

Steph Curry trusts his guts every time he shoots a 40 foot 3 pointer and makes it.

A practice should follow the lead of the innate because it will never let you down!

6. Trust Your Coaches and Masters

The Warriors knew what they were doing when they drafted Steph Curry, the son of NBA shooting legend Dell Curry.

They also knew what they were doing when they hired Kerr and Walton, disciples of Greg Popovich and Phil Jackson.

Recently they brought on former 2 time MVP Steve Nash to continue helping with player development.

A DC and their staff should attend master training, personal development, professional development and continuing education because when they do the results speak for themselves.

7. They Have Fun

One might argue that winning begets fun. And while that’s hard to debate, the opposite can be equally true. When a team allows itself to have fun in the process of shooting for a goal, it means they likely will be loose. Too much self-imposed pressure has a way of producing a tight performance. A team that enjoys the process is much more likely to sustain success and overcome short-term losses. – source

8. Never Get Complacent

What do successful NBA teams and successful Chiropractors have in common when they stop being successful?

They stopped doing the things that made them successful.

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