January 10, 2017

Why ChiropracTIC is the G.O.A.T.

By Dr. Timothy Schaub In Chiropractic Success

Want to be the G.O.A.T. ? Come to the ChiroSushi Summit

About 30 years ago I had patients who owned a very expensive goat.

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The owners took her to veterinarian after veterinarian for second opinions but they always got the same diagnosis (your goat is “sick”), and the same prognosis (“poor” for recovery) and the same suggested treatment (“put yourgoat down”).

Unexpectedly, the goat owner’s family (who I had treated all the members of, for about 6 years at that point) called me and asked me if I’d take a look at their goat who wouldn’t eat or nurse her kids.

I said “sure” so I drove up to their barn, took a look at the goat and observed that it wouldn’t stand up and was amazed at just how glassy-eyed the goat was. I had never worked on a goat before, yet I reasoned if the owners followed the various veterinarian’s recommendations, she would be killed anyway. So I palpated (examined by feeling) the goat’s neck, and I found the goat to have her 1st vertebrae in her neck (the Atlas) to be subluxated (out of alignment with the vertebrae below it (the Axis bone), causing obstruction of the nerve supply into the goat’s vital organs.

This word, subluxation, is a medical term referenced by many chiropractors. (The root of this word, subluxation, comes from Latin meaning Sub=Under, Lux=Light, therefore an underlit nervous system) and at that instant, the word subluxation was very meaningful to me.

As I looked into those sad glassy eyes of their goat, I became aware of just how severely her central nervous was obstructed thus making her sick, nonresponsive and depressed, similar to a light bulb on a dimmer switch, she was about as weak as I suspected she could get without moving on from natural causes.

So I took a contact (positioned my hands in preparation to adjust the subluxation) on the goat’s atlas and axis vertebrae and gently adjusted them back toward their more normal position.

This adjustment caused our goat to actually see me I think. When I’d completed the adjustment I took a plastic bottle of nutritional supplement out of my right coat pocket that I’d brought thinking that it might help her if I could get her to eat. Well eat she did, she smelled the bottle within my hand as I was trying to get a tablet out for her, then she practically took my fingers off as she grabbed the brown plastic bottle with the white metal top out of my hand and began chewing the whole bottle. Well I didn’t really not know what to think about that!

I left the barn, drove a few miles home and as I was pulling into my driveway my car phone rang: “Just wanted to tell you, she ate! And, she’s nursing her kids!”

Chiropractic saves lives.