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Spring and summer are upon us.  Now is the time to take a little break from the serious side of health care.  Now is the time to have fun with your entire patient family.  Time to plan a “Clinic Picnic.” 

Turn this task over to your staff.  Look on the calendar, set aside a weekend day to have a clinic sponsored picnic with fun and games for everyone.  Have the staff come up with a variety of different functions for the picnic.  Once the date is determined (make certain it is well enough in advance for patients to schedule) announce it on your reception room menu boards.  Begin putting it in your clinic newsletter, on the clinic Facebook page, your website.  Encourage staff members to talk about the upcoming event when patients come to the office.  In addition have staff mention the clinic picnic on their own personal social media pages.

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Have a mechanism in place for patients to sign up for different teams by doing so in the office, social media or calling.  Teams will include clinic staff coupled with patients.  Events can include volleyball, horseshoes, cornhole and softball and/or any other assorted games you can think of.  May also wish to have clinic teams compete with patient teams such as in horseshoes or corn hole.  Set up elimination tournaments with prizes to the ultimate winners.  Make certain there is a designated photographer to capture the events for future publication in the clinic newsletter or social media pages.

Arrange to have food catered or have your clinic provide the “fried chicken/fish/burgers,dogs or whatever.   You may want to get patients involved by having a “potluck” for sides and desserts.  Could turn this into a contest as well with prizes for the best-judged desert, etc. 

This is a time to show your patients just how important they are to you and your practice.  You may even wish to turn the event into a subliminal new patient procurement program by having patients bring friends.  As an added service at the picnic, your clinic can perform a scoliosis check for kids.

The bottom line is to have a super fun day.  A time to interact with your patients, their families and friends.   

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