June 29, 2017

Some Chiropractors Hate Him Because Of This One Thing…

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Marketing, Marketing Tools, Social Media Marketing

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It’s no coincidence the name of my company is ChiroSushi since we do what a lot would consider being as ClickBait.

In fact, I get a kick out of it when people call us “FishyChiro.”

I’ve even seen in some Facebook groups that we must have attended ClickBait seminars…

Nah, bro…We are the seminar! (Stay tuned for info on the ChiroSushi Summit in 2018)

See ClickBait or what I prefer HeadlineBait (we’ll dive into the differences) works.

What doesn’t work is shitty content.

And hopefully, we’re not providing shitty content…are we?

(If we are, we’re just email away at info@chirosushi.com. We’ll step it up we can always get better, but our goal is content that makes you think, gives you insight and might help you make money, save money , make your life easier and most importantly help more people. )

What sparked me to write this? Well, this…


First of all…

It could be more click-bait if I tried – and I will go forward – you know why? Because this article averaged a 21% CTR (Click Through Rate) which is almost as high as any ChiroSushi article with Trump in the title.

And Second of all…

He was talking about Business owners which most chiropractors are – and even if you are an associate you are typically a huge part of the marketing and branding conversation.

And thirdly…

I could have just written: “Billion Dollar CEO Says Build Community – Don’t Market”

But that would have been a bore and not really the full picture.

The Goal of a Headline Should Get You To Click

David Ogilvy, “the father of modern advertising,” said many smart things.

In particular, Ogilvy knew the power of brand storytelling and he knew the importance of a great headline.

He once said, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as they read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

Another smart dude – and co-creator of The Smart Chiropractor is Dr. Jeff Langmaid who says:

“Headlines are what separate the amateurs from the professionals. A quality headline can make the difference between a flood of traffic, or the sound of crickets.”- Jeff Langmaid – The Smart Chiropractor

But he also adds:

“But, it comes with responsibility be honest, be creative, and have fun.”

And he’s right.

Your first commitment should be to your reader

After the reader clicks are they going to get value?

Or did they get put into some crappy vortex of BS?

Chris Mercer from Seriously Simple Marketing says:

“As an Internet Marketer, you have an opportunity to be creative and come up with headlines that compel your visitors to click. Just be sure you’re being honest and providing content that delivers on the promise the headline teases.Remember, a good headline doesn’t just get clicks. It gets the RIGHT CLICKS. The right clicks convert. At the end of the day… that’s your goal”

So always think of the value for the reader.

In the case of the article above I shared:

  • Info about the CEO
  • The Quest Belief Systems (which were 25 awesome pearls and worth the click alone!)
  • And then the 6 Steps the CEO talks insights and creativity.

And you know what – our average read through rate of that article is 70%

So that article above isn’t ClickBait – It’s HeadlineBait that served the first goal and then my goals which include:

  • List Building
  • SEO Optimization (the more clicks the better the article will rank and ultimately help our site rank higher overall)
  • Fulfillment of advertising

Now, most Chiropractors won’t have to worry about the advertising part per say, but they should definitely be aware that a good headline can affect what should be your goals of email list building, SEO boosting and getting people to stay and play around your site.

But you also owe it to the high-quality work you put in – as Dr. Shawn Andrews from the Inspired Chiropractor (who puts out really good headlines on top of his stellar content) says:

“We are all in the business of competing for people’s attention. Your headline is your first and only shot at getting this precious commodity. You owe it yourself and your community you are trying to reach to become a master of headlines.”

So who else gives good head…Sorry…What makes good headline bait?

I’ve been studying this for years.

And by studying I mean drinking copious amounts of whiskey and reading other people’s research.

( not totally true – I mean the whiskey is very true but in between I continue my studies post-grad from Syracuse University, home of the best in media, communications, and basketball – so take that MOM)

But I prattle…back to a good headline…

Actually, let me take a shot of whiskey and I’ll let my bud and founder of Circle of Docs and Co-Founder of the Social Docs Dr. Beau Pierce add his $200

Headlines fall into one of two categories: spit or suck. And you want your headlines to suck; (suck the reader in to read the next line). Best way to suck? . Speak to the readers desires. Most desires fall into three categories: sex, health, and rock ‘n’ roll.”

I concur.

It reminds me of what one of my heroes said:

“Get Paid, Get Laid, Lose Weight. Because those are the three things people will pay for “- James Altucher

That’s a great headline – “How to Get Paid, Lose Weight and Get Laid” – Who the hell wouldn’t click that?

So let’s dive into what makes a Great Headline

One of my bro-crushes Noah Kagen from Sumo and Co-Schedule (more on them later) did an analysis of a million headlines and found this:

  • Listicles Do Very Well
  • Use “You” and “Your”
  • Help your reader envision a better life

Not to be outdone, BuzzSumo (one of our favorite toys) did their own analysis of over a million headlines and Steve Rayson wrote:


“This phrase “will make you” gained more than twice the number of Facebook engagements as the second most popular headline trigram. This was a surprise. When we started out looking for top trigrams, this one wasn’t even on our list. This headline format sets out why the reader should care about the content. It also promises that the content will have a direct impact on the reader, often an emotional reaction. The headline is clear and to the point which makes it elegant and effective.


But why leave a good headline up to human error?

For the last few years I have been using headline analyzer – each with their own algorithm and pros and cons but here are some of my favorite:

Headline Analyzer from Co-Schedule

I like this tool for looking at headlines from a social share element and for a better understanding of the impact of power words.

ShareThrough by Hemingway

I like this tool for seeing how brands and other nuances effect a title – They tend to reward heavy for longer titles which the others don’t but the overall feedback and the way it’s presented.

But my favorite has been my baby and go to for years because it’s feedback is usually most on par with real world results.


Boy do I love this tool

The EMV rating is based on the research of Dr. Hakim Chishti, which started in the late 1960s and early 1970s. His research found that the basic sound tones of language can cause an emotional reaction which are in some ways even more powerful than the dictionary meaning itself. Whereas the meaning of a word can sometimes be mistaken, these sound tones are always interpreted the same way on an emotional level.

In addition to the EMV score, you will also find out which of the 3 major emotions your headline most impacts: intellectual, empathetic, or spiritual.

And this isn’t just for articles – it’s also for video content titles as ChiroSocialTech founder Nicole Cowley says:

“I see so many chiropractic clinics going Live and not putting a title or sometimes any content at all with the live video post. The title is huge no matter the content type because it tells the reader if they want to spend more of their time devoted to consuming it.”

There are also tools like King Sumo Headlines that can rotate your headlines and place the higher performing ones ahead of the curve once clicks start coming in.

But at the end of the da, a great headline comes down to your gut…

These tools will help but you also have to be aware of your brand, your voice and of course your audience.

My last words of wisdom:

  • Use software to help you
  • Watch what’s working for others
  • Trust your gut
  • Invest in learning more (ChiroSushi Summit wink wink)
  • Don’t stress too much because you can always repost with a new title!

And most importantly…

Don’t be afraid to push it with your headlines if you put time and energy into great content 🙂

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