October 26, 2017

$ Can Buy You All The Llyod Tables In The World .. But It Won’t Make You Happy. This Will

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Meet the Mindfulness Guru Billionaires Go to For Advice

(Interview Orignally Appeared in INC.com

I was surprised to learn just how many billionaires are depressed. Despite all of their money, fame and success, some of the most remarkable people on earth wake up lacking the sense of fulfillment that they’d hoped success would provide. But, what’s a billionaire to do?

Many contact Kute Blackson, an author and transformational teacher who helps some of the world’s wealthiest people develop a transcendent mindset that is rooted in truth and purpose. Using various proven tactics, Blackson helps his clients discover who they truly are and frees them from the shackles of false belief systems. Based on the principles that Blackson and these billionaires use, you too can cultivate a mindset that transcends limitations and helps you live a fulfilled life.

I interviewed Blackson to discover the keys to building the transcendent mindset that billionaires use to find true liberation and fulfillment. Here are five important lessons you must learn in order to reach a higher state of being.

Money will never make you happy

Most of Blackson’s clients have enough wealth to last multiple lifetimes, yet they’re miserable. While this sounds cliche, there’s an important nuance that the rest of us don’t quite understand.

“What most people don’t realize is that it’s even more painful when you get everything that you thought would make you happy, but then it doesn’t,” says Blackson. “It’s destructive because you put this hope and belief into the idea that cars, money and success would make you happy. When those don’t bring you happiness, you’re left with nothing.”

It’s easy to tie your hopes for happiness to the acquisition of money, possessions or fame, especially when you don’t have them. But mindful people know that money alone won’t make you happy. They focus on fulfillment, not on acquiring external sources of validation.

Transcend your thoughts

Building a mindset of freedom and expansion requires that you master the fundamental understanding that you are not your thoughts. When you adopt this mindset, you cease to fall victim to self-limiting beliefs and free yourself to create the life you really want.

“Billionaires learn to go beyond the mind,” says Blackson. “They know that just because they think something, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Once you understand this, you’re that much more free to live, to give, to share and to be bold in you life and not let fears hijack your dreams.”

Meditation, which is the process of being aware of your thoughts and allowing them to pass without judging them or attaching any meaning, is an effective tool to transcend your thoughts.

Learn to embrace the truth

When you look at elite performers like Elon Musk or Oprah, you notice that they have an unwavering connection to their truth. This is because they are not scared to seek the truth in themselves and in each moment.

If you want to strengthen your relationship with the truth, Blackson recommends asking and answering these soul-searching questions:

  1. What do I want?
  2. What does my ego want?
  3. What is trying to express itself through me?
  4. What is true in this moment?
  5. What do I wish was true?
  6. What is working in my life?
  7. What is not working in my life?

These are great questions to ask while you meditate. Listen and wait for your internal guidance to bring you the answers.

Financial freedom is not true freedom

Earlier in his career, Blackson gave up all of his possessions and went on a spiritual journey through India. While passing through the slums, he was robbed of the few things he had left, yet Blackson felt more free than ever. It was then, when he had absolutely nothing, that he really found himself.

“Real freedom is not a function of what you have, or what you don’t have,” says Blackson. “It’s a state of consciousness. It’s a state of being. It’s in understanding who you are deep down inside, without attaching to anything else. That is where the truth resides.”

True and complete freedom comes in realizing that you are not your money, success or number of followers. In an effort to help his clients realize this truth, Blackson has taken them on the same journey to India while confiscating their phones, money and passport. It forces them to realize that true freedom comes from within.

Understand the true value of money

A transcendent mindset lets go of the idea that money is the objective of any action or effort and focuses on serving others.

“Money is a bi-product of creating and giving value to others,” says Blackson. “I tell clients, ‘Don’t chase money. Connect with who you are.’ Ask yourself how can you serve others. Go out and create value.”

For those with a transcendent mindset, earning potential seems to grow proportional to the degree that they give up a focus on money and instead focus on creating value for others.

Take the next step

Successful people cultivate a mindset that helps them realize their truths and live out their purpose. If you enjoyed this article, take the next step and read Blackson’s book, You. Are. The. One. It’s a bold invitation to step into greatness by tapping into the deep power that is already inside of you waiting to help you live a truly fulfilled life.

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