August 7, 2018

Business School – The Worlds Greatest Chiropractic Coach

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Michael Scott

Michael Scott would have been an awesome Chiropractor

He was all about that love and service.


He would have been an even BETTER Chiropractic Coach

Just look

Here is David Singer


and here is Michael Scott


So we’re really excited to start our series – Michael Scott – Worlds Greatest Chiropractic Coach

In this first part we will dive into Business School – the episode where Michael is invited by the intern Ryan to speak at his school.

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1. Get yourself a copy of “Think Like a Billionaire–Everything You Need To Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life” – by Donald Trump

No guru or coach can EVER really start without starting with other peoples stuff right?

And who better to start with then Donald Trump.

In the beginning of the episode Michael and Dwight are packing up for the road trip and we see him add a copy of  “Think Like a Billionaire–Everything You Need To Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life” – by Donald Trump

Let’s take 3 pearls from that book that Michael would share with you today:

Treat each decision like a lover. He says that if you treat each decision like a lover–faithfully, respectfully, and appropriately.

Don’t depend on technology. He says that if you have something to say, look the person in the eye and say it. He adds that if you can’t do that, give the person a call and make sure they hear the sincerity in your voice. Email is for wimps he says.

Have a short attention span.  He says that the most successful people have very short attention spans, and that it has to do with imagination.

2.”Don’t Be An Idiot”

Sometimes it seems like the wisdom from Chiropractic coaches can be so….Simple?

But hey..

So is the riff to Purple Haze

But you didn’t write it – Jimi Hendrix did.

And he burned guitars and had his penis molded in clay by groupies.


One of Michaels sycophants Dwight shares some of the greatest advice Michael EVER shared:

3. What Else We Learned:

A. Make Sure You Control Your Introduction at Speaking Events

B. You DO NOT LEARN from Books – (Take THAT Volume 14)

C. To Start a Business You Need a Building

D. The More You Sell the MORE Profit You Make

E. Bring Back Memories You WOULD have made

F. Make Sure You Control Your Intro


H. When is a client wants to leave for savings….

  • They will be back
  • We don’t want them back – because their stupid

I. The Herfindahl-Hirschman index doesn’t matter – So don’t cry about market saturation or be amazed by it????

J. Don’t fire – hire and inspire

K. Without paper it couldn’t happen – Unless you have a camera

But the most important lesson of all from Business School is…

Business is always Personal

Ready to get Personal About Your Business – Schedule a Call with Sushi and let us help you grow $33k annually in 2 months*

*Yep – this is real

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