November 8, 2017

Was B.J. Palmer Murdered?

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Guest Post By Dr. Joe Borio

There is a story to be told here and it begins over a hundred years ago and ends in Sarasota Florida back in May of 1961. It’s a story filled with honor, persistence, integrity, and intrigue. It is written on pages stained by the blood of countless millions that still runs red today.

How did BJ Palmer really die? What or better yet who killed the man who developed and expanded the profession to the heights of greatness not only meeting with presidents, and kings and queens but knowing and meeting with some of the most powerful, wealthy, and influential people of our time.

Why would someone want to see BJ Palmer dead?

My father once told me that the most dangerous thing on the planet was a new Idea! A new idea was something that could change the world and the fate of millions overnight, and in the case of BJ Palmer, a new Idea proved to be deadly.
The Life of BJ Palmer ended where it began, in a world not ready to change or accept the “Big Idea”. Although the concept of vitalism, holism, or to BJ Palmer, “Innate Intelligence” had been around for centuries and beyond, the American public was unwilling to look inward for solutions with their pursuit of health and well being. On the contrary, with the advent of potions, elixirs, pills and machines that claimed to do everything from grow hair to make you smarter to curing every problem a man or women could have, came a romance and intoxication with technology and independence from nature. The American citizen became drunk on the idea that they themselves were separate from it all. Not connected or even effected by what others do or say and even worse their own actions had no real consequence on the world at large. This conscious and deliberate delusion gave birth to a lifestyle resulting in the human being or Homo sapiens now becoming the sickest species on planet earth.
People began to feel like there behavior had no real consequence, that medical science with all it’s marvels could rub, swallow, drink or cut away any sickness or inconvenient symptom or disease. Responsibility for ones own health became something only uncivilized people worried about.

So lets eat anything we want, lets make anything we want, let’s dump waste and chemicals in the ground and the water and into ourselves. There are no immediate consequences to our actions if there are any consequences at all, so why even think about the consequences of my actions, my responsibility, and my behavior. Nothing is connected, no action affects anything else. We are, we think, and therefore, we are separate from even our bodies. We can do, say, act, behave anyway we want and that’s ok. If something bad happens well that’s just the way it is and if I get sick well it must be my genetics or something I ate that night or someone else’s fault. It’s not from my choices or actions. Animals are different from me. I’m not an animal, I am a civilized intelligent human being separate from everything else, and I merely observe the happenings of things. My life and actions are mine to control and I will do as I and only I see fit to do, motivated by my own interests alone.

So we build trash dumps thinking because we cant see the trash, it doesn’t exist. We build chemical plants and dump toxic compounds into the earth, water, and air thinking this has no effect on me, so it doesn’t matter. We invest in large and growing pharmaceutical companies thinking that more is better. We think to get healthy we can just swallow, inject, or cut diseases away, as if the disease was the sickness. We start passing laws mandating the use of such chemicals to be injected into our children and babies implying you’re an unfit and irresponsible parent if you don’t follow the consensus. We create legislation forcing insurances to pay for more and more drugs including Medicare, insuring all seniors can get the drugs they are told and sold they need, resulting in more deaths per year than Vietnam.

So along comes this multitalented, curious, impetuous, and temperamental genius who starts with a question of why does the body get sick and diseased. Then thru his own stubbornness, DD Palmer goes on to answer why there is anything. An idea, a change but more importantly a growth in the understanding of why there is life and how it all works. An evolution of thought, of consciousness that gave rise to a much deeper understanding as another Palmer spent time with his new best friend, “Innate Intelligence”. This new Palmer is BJ, and in his time and with his genius and his innate ability to tune into the universal intelligence, BJ becomes a sculptor creating his own statue of David, the 33 Principles. With BJ leading the way with his New Idea, this most dangerous and deadly event was the beginning of the end and would give rise to his death years later.

You see it wasn’t just the adjustment that BJ wanted to share with the world, to clean itself or better, wake itself from it’s unconscious slumber of self centered intoxication. It was the idea of universal and innate intelligence or conscious forces mixed with force and energy giving rise to everything. This idea means we are all connected, we are all one, and we are all responsible for each other. That our compassion and feelings of concern and responsibility should be as intense for those people we will never meet or serve in any way, as they are for those people we find closest to us or those we love. That we live and exist in a sea or soup or medium of intelligent organized energy with a purpose and an objective. That life is best served when we release ourselves to this intelligence, this define order. That life and love and thought are meant to be shared and enjoyed with everyone. That generosity, humility, and gratitude are not just epigrams written on a wall or sidewalk, but a state of perpetual consciousness we should all strive for.

That we all need the first adjustment to be above atlas. That the major cause of all disease is a subluxation, but not of the spine, but of our mind, our thought, our soul. That it is our separation from creation herself that has lead to our current and sickly state of affairs.

That it is mans own awareness of his existence that causes the educated and aware mind to deny his own connection to everything.

Man suffers from the first and most deadly of all misalignments, the Primordial Subluxation. Primordial simply means in the beginning. Subluxation meaning sub- or less than, -tion, the presence of, and lux- the divine. So the presence of subluxation itself means you are expressing less enlightenment or intelligence!

Lux is the key word fragment and the divisive one for sure! Evoking thoughts of religion, god, creation, origin, words dipped in dogma and then wrapped in so much emotion we have now lost the simple ability to communicate and share ideas, so we just form a camp and dig a trench and recruit new members and continue the standoff.

The point is no one and I mean no one really knows what our existence is all about, I mean here we are on a clump of rock and clay spinning around thousands of miles an hour revolving around the sun even faster in a void of space that is a vacuum and colder than your outdoor thermometer could ever read. Our existence is so fragile, so rare, unexplainable, wondrous and beautiful that we should all just bow in gratitude and humility for the gift of our existence as a human being every morning!

But with the development of educated man came ego, arrogance and superiority leading to a separation of self from creation.
DD wanted to understand how with so much intelligence in the universe men became sick. Why do some who eat under the same roof and share in the same food at the same table get sick while others do not?

If creation had intelligence and organized systems then this intelligence must lie in all living things and express itself all the time. If there was order and intelligence within us then where does it reside and how does it communicate throughout the body?
And so chiropractic began with the objective to remove interference to this intelligence so it may illuminate all tissues of the body with her wisdom.

BJ Palmer believed that the Primordial Subluxation began when we began to think of ourselves as separate from creation and therefore as an observer of the laws of creation rather than a participant. By not participating we do not honor, respect or follow creations law and rather than live in harmony with universal intelligence we alter or manipulate matter to suit our ego and arrogance. We think because we have the knowledge to isolate DNA or split the atom we have gained some superiority to creation or universal intelligence?

It is this separation, this living as an observer rather than a participant, the deliberate choice with intention to live separate and think of oneself as separate from all other living and nonliving things that is the Primordial Subluxation! In the words of BJ Palmer, “it is our separation from God.”

So who killed BJ Palmer?

We did. We used him and and drew from him every ounce of energy the universe had placed within him as we pandered to the consensus, and when we were “done hammering and hurting him into trial shapes of clay which only nature understands…” BJ fought as he could expending all of his fuel or life force prematurely finally succumbing to that which he fought against so hard, dis-ease. He was placed into a burlap bag and carried out of his vacation home with no fan fare or notice or trumpets blowing. A genius is rarely recognized in his time and it is my belief that the man we call BJ was just that. So as I have seen your scan, examination, history and x-rays, I am concerned. I have found you to have The Primordial Subluxation. Now remember it is above the atlas and is in your educated mind. It is all the junk, fear, and false beliefs that are preventing you from witnessing and experiencing universal and innate intelligence. It is always the first subluxation needing adjustment, so please lie on your back and relax as I place my pisiform on your frontal lobe with a contact point at the corpus collosum. Now take a deep breath because this will sting!

When you wake up tomorrow you might be a little sore and the world will look different, but trust me, this is normal, for tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of your LIFE!

The objective of the chiropractic adjustment is to remove interference from innate intelligence allowing every precious flicker of thought and the eternal intention of innate to reach each cell with the sole purpose of manifesting pure illuminated life, enabling the host, the closest connection to creations intention of perfection, You.
“It’s as simple as that!”

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