March 4, 2017

The Best Tools of The Week (March 4th 2017)

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You know we love tools to help you grow, stay organized and save money

Here is our top picks of the week

Social Media (Beta)


This looks like it could be intresting. We always talk about repurposing your content and this looks like a quick easy way to get more out of your blog posts.


Free Photos


Tristan – Co-Founder of ChiroSushi says:

“They have stunning photos that you can use for free – so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with those legal letters. Use them with your image editing and creator software for more dynamic content.”

Branding & Logos


Andrew Dumont EIR at Betaworks says:
“I’ve been advising the Emblem team and it’s honestly one of the more impressive early products I’ve seen. They’re a bit different then most, they’ve been hacking on Emblem for almost 9 months. And you can tell.

There’s a decent number of logo builders out there, but Emblem isn’t that. They’ve taken the end to end brand creation process (that they’ve been doing in their design studio for years) and turned that into software. The product allows you to enter a name and it takes it from there, generating a ton of different starting points. After you select one of those starting points, you’re able to modify the logo, icon, color palate, type, etc. The result is a complete brand package that you can run with, and it looks damn impressive.I love products that take typically expensive services (like branding agencies) and make it available to as many people as possible. Emblem does that. Give it a go, I’m a huge fan. ”


Mindmap by Zenkit Martin Welker CEO of Zenkit says:
“We always loved mind maps here at Zenkit! They helped us brainstorm effectively and find connections between ideas, but we always had to abandon them for other tools as we progressed through a project. No more. Today mind map view for Zenkit was released (as featured in MakeUseOf:…).Now, finally, you can evolve with your mind map – once you start needing other tools, you can simply switch views! We think the best kind of mind map isn’t a mind map at all!
You can keep the connections in place, while working with your ideas in a table, Kanban board, calendar or list.The ideas you start with in your mind map follow you through your project development.
And you can create multiple mind maps from one data set and existing ideas, so you can always see your ideas differently.We think that it’s pretty cool, so we made it free for everyone!”

Deskle is an interactive virtual whiteboards for visual realtime collaboration for any team, any need and any scale. Add pictures, videos, sticky notes, comments, screenshots with url, document files, mockups, drawings, tables, charts, kanban cards, mind maps, independent widgets and more.

Unlimited virtual space is ideal environment for brainstorming, prototyping, project management, sketching, data visualisation and many more. There are no limits for the creativity.

Use tons of public templates: business canvas, user flow, timeline, roadmap, story map, experience map, flowchart, organization chart, kanban/scrum board, agile board and more.

More than 400 integrations: Google Docs, Pinterest, Wiki Data, Iconfinder, Dropbox, etc.

Student Debt

DebtHackr is a mobile app that helps users pay off student loan debt faster by rounding up everyday purchases and automatically applying the share change to loans.

Scheduling is an appointment scheduling and reminders web application for professionals. Features: – Appointments: Schedule and view your appointments per day, week or month. Easily see for each appointment its date-time, the services booked, the staff appointed and the client details. – Notifications: Confirmation, reminder, reschedule, cancellation notifications will be sent to applicable clients; because being professional also means operating professionally. – Reminders: Reminders significantly reduce no-shows. A reminder notification will be automatically sent to your clients 24 hours prior to the appointment, without you having to do it. will set it up for you. – Mobile friendly: is designed to also be available from any mobile device. You can use and all its features from your mobile device, exactly as you would use it through your PC. – Timezone conversion: Your clients will receive email and SMS notifications in the timezone of your business automatically. You don’t have to worry about messaging them at inappropriate hours. – Reporting: Get daily, weekly and monthly sales reports. Check what are your top-selling services, the proportion of your completed, cancelled and no-show appointments, as well as your daily, weekly and monthly revenue.


All your receipts, invoices, and payments in one place.

Stop wasting time finding and collecting receipts, invoices, and payments. Paperworks handles all your accounts in one place. Sign up and connect your email account(s). Paperworks automatically scans your inbox. Easily download attachments or save emails as PDFs