December 8, 2017

Best Internet Marketing Ever (Fall 2017)

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It’s been a hot minute since we did one of these…

But it’s also been a while since someone or a practice inspired us!

Congrats to Dr. Drew Henderson for having the Best Internet Marketing Ever (Fall 2017)

Let’s dissect!

This was the post that did US in…

Dr. Drew’s Facebook page:

Just awesome!

What we love about it:

We adore that Dr. Drew can be funny, authentic and still motivational. He’s not afraid to go where others might. This is so vital in 2017 and beyond for social media marketing.

Bonus points for great eye for design!


“Funny is $ when it comes to social media” says ChiroSushi Founder Tristan Schaub


But there is so much more


One of the other aspects of Dr. Drew’s brilliance is the CONSISTENT and Interesting images he uses alongside his branding.

Facebook and Google LOVE UGC (unique user-generated content) and Dr. Drew is a master at this!

And he’s even more consistent on the GRAM (

And his website is the bomb too!

From a dynamic consistent blog, to a clean and inviting homepage we’re big fans of where Dr. Drew leads people off of social media.

Biggest Lesson:

Let yourself, your love and your humor shine through while being consistent and authentic in your internet marketing.

Q & A with Dr. Drew Henderson

Who inspires you?

On Instagram a friend of mine is a “Fugitive Recovery Agent” or a Bounty Hunter. He records most of his recoveries and he is very compassionate towards the people he is bringing in. His photos and videos often put you right in the action and you can feel the emotions of the moment. He will take them to get food or give them time with family and kids. He is a top notch guy. I follow him because he tells a story with his social media and very engaging.

Another person I follow, and you should too, is Dr Stephen Judson. The last couple of months he has really kicked off his #wakeuphumans and #howsyouratlas campaign. He is killing it with videos especially and creating more awareness about the dangers of an uncorrected upper cervical subluxation. A couple of books are soon to be released too! Keep an eye on Dr. Steve…this thing is about to explode!

What tips do you have for Chiropractors?

I’d say consistency is the biggest factor but only after your content. If you’re really consistent at publishing crappy content, it just won’t matter. But if you’re consistent at putting out good content you have such a big chance to have some huge growth. And growth doesn’t mean how many followers you have or how many likes you get. Growth is how many people have been exposed to chiropractic and how many of those actually WANT what we have? I probably pull in 1-2 ppl a week from social media. That number is growing, but it’s still around 75 people a year! With that being said, don’t worry about your ROI that much. Just get out there and have fun and build your audience. It’s YOUR audience. Keep them engaged and plugged in.

Like I said earlier about Jon, my Bounty hunting buddy, he tells a story. We have to tell a story, too. People get sick and tired of all the time hearing “go to the chiropractor” from our posts. First of all build some respect and some rapport with your audience and allow them to trust you. I don’t care for the Kardashian girls but their target audience trusts them! If they didn’t the one that sells makeup wouldn’t be crushing it the way she is.

Don’t think short term either. This is a marathon. Some kind of TV ad for 30 days is short term. But social media is a long play. You’re building your brand and who you are. It takes time. Don’t get in a hurry…just slow and steady and you WILL see results…IF your content is good enough.

What do you like about Social Media Marketing? 

It’s just so easy and it’s relatively cheap! Everyone thinks is free but it isn’t. For example on Facebook if you have 1000 that like your business page and you do a post, probably around 100 will even actually see it. But if you can boost every post, even just by $5, so many more people will see it!

A few months ago a study conducted said that over 81% of the United States are on some type of social media. That is HUGE! This is a an untapped (for the most part) resource that chiropractic can use to literally change the world!

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