November 7, 2016

Best of Facebook (Fall 2016): Beyond Bones Chiropractic

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Congrats to Beyond Bones Chiropractic for having the BEST FACEBOOK PAGE for Fall of 2016



Dr. Ryan Bones (yes that is his real name) shows that creativity, thinking outside the box and extra effort pays off!

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Let’s dive right into Beyond Bones Awesomeness…

1. Smart Aesthetics

From the logo design to cover photo, you can tell the thought and love put into creating the brand.


More importantly, it establishes a connection with their community, reaches a wider audience and sets the stage for excitement, confidence, and epicness.

2. Using an intro video as the pinned post

And the intro video is pretty dope.

Right away to you get to meet the doctor, understand his mission and learn more about the technology and love used in the office. Dr. Bones also walks you step by step through his standard of care and sets expectations he knows they (his practice) can meet.

*Check out that awesome shirt with the Beyond Bones logo!

3. Having your community provide your content

Chubbies , the creators of the shorts all our dad’s use to wear in the 80’s are masters of this.

It’s awesome to create your own UUGC (unique user-generated content), but it is even better when your patients do it for you AND they provide social proof at the same time!

It’s like WORD OF MOUTH on steroids.

4. The “BOMB” UUGC

Just check this out…

4. Not talking about Chiropractic all the time

Ryan really gets that his audience want to know him and his team and sometimes a Chiropractor’s life is not always about Chiropractic.

They do a phenomenal job of storytelling Chiropractic but also their everyday life while including components of neighborhood marketing to help promote and serve others in their community.

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There is so much more we could share and analyze but we feel it is wise to go to the source.

Check out our interview with Dr. Ryan Bones from Beyond Bones Chiropractic:

What type of content do you enjoy doing the best?

I realized a long time ago that my “why” in life is to remove worry and concern from people, so my favorite content is anything that makes people laugh. It’s an amazing blessing that I get to serve people and restore health through chiropractic, but if I can do it while cracking them up and bring extra joy and laughter to their day, it’s even more fulfilling!

What challenges do you face with performing or providing?

The most difficult part is the day to day consistency – responding to comments, thanking reviewers, making shout outs, and most importantly how long viagra effect lasts sample of an bath spa creative writing jobs essay football player go site after how much time viagra works example apa style essay enter cheap alegria shoes go here go to link research proposal of customer satisfaction good college essay opening sentence essays on antigone how i spent my vacations essay medicamente flagyl mount pinatubo case study homework helpers biology se puede tomar viagra toda la vida compare and contrast essays world history ap sample thesis hypothesis statement follow site see url chemistry coursework analysis spanish essay my holiday providing good content!! Staying fresh and relevant with interesting posts in a world of short attention spans isn’t something that happens without conscious effort. In order to build an engaged audience, you actually have to BE engaging!  I feel many chiropractors make the mistake of thinking that their Facebook business page needs to be all about chiropractic – this couldn’t be further from the truth. As much as I hate to admit it, most of your community doesn’t find chiropractic nearly as interesting as you do. While sprinkling in the principle is important, people care more about who you are as a person, what you do for the community, and what they have in common with you more than anything else. Don’t be afraid to show your life outside of the office… just make sure your “walk” is congruent with your “talk”! 

What experts in Facebook do you follow in Chiro – outside Chiro?

Within chiropractic I specifically like to follow those who have started something for themselves and aren’t afraid to BE themselves online – i.e. The Schube (Liam Schubel), Michael Viscarelli, Shawn Dill, Jim Chester, Daniel Knowles, as well as the guys behind Chiropractic Unity – Devan Arman and Shane Kurth (this spring’s winner!) just to name a few. 

Outside of the profession, I follow a ton of entrepreneurial/business/motivational pages. I’ve been really loving Gary Veynerchuk lately. I respect his “no BS” style. Ronnie Doss and Grant Cardone are a few others. I’m also a sucker for the pages with motivational quotes on pretty backgrounds! 

What are some Chiropractic Facebook pages you follow?

There are a lot! Amped, Black Diamond Club, Milehighchiro, Chiropractic Success Stories, and of course ChiroSushi. (I have saved so many of the memes that they have their own folder). I make it a point to avoid pages that breed drama, negativity, and hate within the profession. My time is precious, so I’m certainly not going to waste any of it watching people tear each other down! 

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Need help with Social Media? Find it here!

Need help with Social Media? Find it here!


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