March 1, 2016

The Best New Web Tools for Chiropractors (Feb: 2016)

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Technology, Social Media Marketing, Website Marketing




“Maître is a copy/paste widget that can be embedded on any webpage. It’s basically a waiting list with a referral system built in. People are rewarded when signing up their friends by getting ahead in the queue.
It also integrates natively with MailChimp and supports webhooks & callbacks, so that you can really customise it they way you want.” –Manuel Frigerio — CTO / Maker of @maitre_app

Why it’s cool for Chiropractors?

You could use this tool to help promote a wellness event, “dinner with doc” or even your next book. Here’s an example below with our way of utilizing this tool.

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It’s a pain in the rear end to find hi-res, awesome and free photos to use online – UnSplash offers all three.

Why it’s cool for Chiropractors?

If you are ChiroBlogger or ChiroQuoteMaker you will fall in love with these free, hi-res and amazing images you can download.

Stripe Atlas

Stripe is doing it’s best to disrupt the traditional credit card processing methods and while it still has it’s share of issues, ChiroSushi is still a big fan due to it’s ease of setup and integrations.

Now here comes Stripe Atlas.

Why it’s cool for Chiropractors?

One stop setup for your Chiropractic practice, coaching and consulting business sounds like a no-brainer to us.


All adjusting and no-play makes a very dull DC right?

Check out Wander – If you’ve ever wanted to go to the airport and randomly select a destination, wander allows you to do just that, only better! You input your budget, available dates and we’ll automagically find relevant trips that you’ll enjoy in

Why it’s cool for Chiropractors?

Because doctors need a vacation sometime too.


How does a Chiropractor keep up with all this great content from ChiroSushi and other sites around the web?

“Basketapp lets you save and organize articles, videos and any other useful links in a beautiful and simple way to increase your web productivity, even when you are offline. Categorize and apply labels on news, research findings and recipes you save, to find them quickly later. Capability to read your articles later in a clutter free environment, makes it perfect companion for you while travelling, sitting in leisure or while sipping morning coffee.” from BetaPage

Why it’s cool for Chiropractors?

There are a lot of great articles and tools out there on the web. This is a clean interface that integrates with Google Chrome.


A facebook app integration for scheduling appointments.

Why it’s cool for Chiropractors?

From tools to help you if you are running late to helping to improve patient show rate.


MyOperator is a cloud-based call management system which helps small and medium-sized organizations manage all their business calls thereby creating a complete database of your customers for the purpose of mobile marketing; creating regular reports and maintaining effective communication within the organization.

Why it’s cool for Chiropractors?

Most Chiropractic practices were built on “Word of Mouth”. This tool provides helpful platforms to help leverage that and more info via calls to the office.


Bouce Rate: The one thing that will drive any web marketing professional up the wall.

Bouncelytics is an analytics tool which helps in understanding exactly when and where the visitors leave a page.

Why it’s cool for Chiropractors?

Because even if you are on the first page of Google don’t you want to know why and how you could convert 20% to 60% more patients?

We thought so!


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