June 3, 2016

Best Chiropractic Facebook Page [Spring 2016]

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Social Media Marketing

Congrats to Apex Chiropractic

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Let’s take a look at what we love about their Facebook page

1. Using Video Like a Champ


Do you know what the answer is? Anthem… – APEX Chiropractic – 720*328*1790 | Facebook

Do you know what the answer is? Anthem Blue Cross Blue Sheild Research study shows how to reduce hospitalizations and surgeries by over 60% and decrease pharmaceutical consumption by 85%! Why is this not all over the media already? Because big pharma is the biggest business out there and doesn’t want other people to know.

Apex Chiropractic has powerful video with intros, calls to action and great content. Facebook is giving the video an extra push when it comes to reach. Apex Chiropractic is taking full advantage of this and doing it smart!

2. They Use Humor and Perspective Very Well

Until now chiropractic was not able to… – APEX Chiropractic – 720*328*1790 | Facebook

Until now chiropractic was not able to be researched on a mass level. The Torque Release Technique and the Integrator were recently developed and have allowed chiropractic to overcome that barrier and be researched in a valid and reliable way.


3. Their Cover Photo Uses Social Proof


4. Their page subscribers is over 10% of their immediate market

With over 2k followers in a town of 20k that ratio is phenomenal. Prospective patients look at your followers like a credit score and it can be the social proof word of mouth referral they need to pick up the phone.

5. They produce their own Unique User Generated Content

From images to blogs, everything on their page is mostly created in-house. Their content is active and their articles lead you back their domain where they can share more.

6. They have a CTA built in their page

Check out their “Free Weekly Health Tip” integrated with MailChimp. It’s clean, simple and easy for patients.

This is definitely a Facebook page all current and prospective Chiropractors should take note of and take some tips for future reference. Tremendous job to this team!

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