July 31, 2018

Be A Doctor of Selling

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

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From ChiroSushi menTOR Brian Tracy

Did you know that top sales professionals see themselves as “Doctors of Selling?” They see themselves as professionals, well educated, acting in their “patient’s” best interest, and bound by a high code of ethics.

The medical process is the same everywhere. Whenever you go to any doctor, of any kind, for any condition, he will follow the three-part sequence of examination, diagnosis, and prescription.

Just as a medical professional would never think of treating you without following these three steps in order, you as a doctor of selling would never allow a customer to force you to sell without you going through your three stages as well. This is as applicable to selling magazines door-to-door as it is to selling oil tankers to Exxon.

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The first stage is examination. In the examination phase, you ask excellent questions, carefully prepared, in sequence, which are geared to give you a thorough knowledge of the patient’s condition, or the customer’s situation.

Stage Two
The second phase is that of diagnosis. In the diagnosis phase with a customer, you would repeat back the results of your examination and double check to be sure that the symptoms that you had detected were the real symptoms being experienced by the patient. You would ask additional questions to confirm and corroborate. You and the patient would mutually agree that this diagnosis seems to be an accurate description of the condition or problem.

Stage Three
Once this mutual agreement has been reached, that a treatable condition exists and that you have identified it accurately, you can move on to phase three. This is the prescription phase, where you show the patient (customer) that your product or service is the best available treatment, taking all the factors of the patient’s situation into consideration for the ailment that you have diagnosed. You show that, on balance, what you are suggesting is the best of all possible solutions.

Professionals who sell in the way that doctors treat patients find that their sales activities proceed far more smoothly and result in better sales in less time.

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Action Steps
Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action.

First, take the time to do a thorough examination by asking excellent questions and by listening carefully to the answers.

Second, repeat back and check your diagnosis with the customer so that you both agree on the need or problem – before you recommend a solution.

To your sales success,

Brian Tracy