August 25, 2017

Why Aren’t Chiropractors Doing This ONE Thing B.J. Did?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Communication, Marketing

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It amazes me how after 120+ years
what Chiropractors are still being taught to get more patients…

On countless websites I see,
Or DCs I’ll speak with about what they want…

They’re striving to attract in the less than 1% of the population…

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Who want to come for wellness and bring their family in too…

(Or they’re convinced having their CA ask: “is this appointment for you or your entire family” actually makes a difference…)

Why strive for the highest apple on the tree, even though it may be the shiniest,
when there are countless apples within reach that taste the exact same,
without needing to get a ladder,
stretching for it…
or even possibly falling..
[ie not being highly profitable in practice]?

Who is the greatest Chiro marketer of all time?

Did BJ advertise for the wellness patient..?

No… it was the exact opposite.
The absolute worst conditions and those suffering the most.

And it worked magnificently.

Suddenly… 35 years ago that became taboo…

Like you’re not a real chiropractor if you cater to conditions people are suffering with..?

And straight and philosophical docs are told to do the Opposite of the best marketer/chiropractor/influencer our profession has ever seen.

Cater to the less than 1% who feel Perfect already and want to stay that way !
What an ingenious business model:
Ask people to pay for something they already have and prevent things that aren’t happening…

I’m as straight a DC and as deeply philosophically sound as is possible.

And that doesn’t mean I’m willing to hurt my business or take care of less people because of my internal Chiro philosophy of WHY I adjust…

Be careful buying into attracting the smallest patient niche in the market
Trying to convert the general public INTO the smallest patient niche in the market with a
2-4 day new patient process…

Unless it’s working gloriously well for you already.

If so – amen.

There are so many good people out there suffering needlessly who believe you may be the answer.

Don’t turn them away or make them wrong because you know Chiro care is
“ABOVE” back pain …

Open them up to a relationship of healing and growth and trust…

And then maybe, in time,
they’ll see what else is possible.

And even if they don’t, they’ll tell people about you and return to you…

Because this life is tough and stressful… and that takes a toll on the body, today more than ever with technology posture…

There’s a TON more people waiting to hear that will require a lot less energy, money, and time when you meet them where they’re at…

That’s the low hanging fruit.

They’re waiting for you.

Waiting to pay you too.

Don’t ignore them.

Help them and help your practice at the same time.

Here for DCs worldwide detaching from what keeps the profession STUCK
and great docs having the practice they deserve,

Dr. Josh Wagner

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