December 2, 2016

Are You Getting Swindled By Your Chiropractic Website Company?

By chirosushi In Marketing, Marketing Tools, Website Marketing

You might be flushing perfectly good money down the toilet with your current web company. But how would you know?

Here are some questions to ask.


Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

You want to make sure that it is because Google will be ranking content based primarily on the mobile version of a website.

So test it out here

Even it if it passes, which is great, make sure you and other “critics” test out your site to make sure it’s mobile user-friendly.

What does that mean?

Does the site act responsive on mobile? Does it look updated?

Is your site fast enough?

We’re not even perfect on that issue but we can only yell at ourselves, right?

Test your speed here

The quicker the site the better the user experience. The slower the site the more frustrated and potential for loss of the user. Simple as that.

Is your “Bounce Rate” efficient

We recommend reviewing the bounce rate (via Google Analytics) of your top landing pages. Bounce rate is the percentage of viewers who visited the page and immediately leave (bounce) without clicking through to another page on your site. This is a key metric as it can help you gain insight into what is working well on your site and what isn’t.

If your bounce rate is over 60% you might want to investigate why. It might be your face…not joking.

Are images optimized?

This is my favorite way of knowing if you are working with a top-notch SEO firm and/or web developer.

Go to your picture on your “Home” or “About” section. Unless of course, you don’t have one anymore because it was scaring people and your bounce rate was 80%.

Right-click to save the image.

1.Does the file name include your last name anywhere?

2.Does it have your specialty and location as well?

3.Or does it just have a long number or a title like “image”?

If it’s number three then you have some major problems and should circle up with your web company.

Are there CTA’s and Email Capture Options?

Do you have few different areas with offers and or email collection tools?

If you don’t you’re missing out on data, potential patients and equity for your future practice sale.

Is your website cheap?

This really should be the first question you ask.

What is cheap?

If your website cost under $3000 from creation or is a monthly plan under $100 you probably are not only just tossing money down the toilet but you might actually be “paying to hurt yourself” (which is totally cool in other areas of life) by enlisting a company that will cookie-cutter its way all across town with duplicate content and end of up destroying your potential rankings.

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