February 12, 2016

Are You a Chiropractor Who is Stuck?

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success


Most of us have had the experience of getting a vehicle stuck.   You’re making your way to an enjoyable day at the beach.  Things are going fine when  all of a sudden your car gets stuck. 

Despite all your efforts you can’t get out of the rut you’ve dug.  You accelerate forward.  Nothing but spinning wheels.  You decide “well, maybe if I try to revisit where I came from I can get unstuck.  You put the vehicle in reverse…same affect….we’re still stuck.  Regardless of what you do you are getting nowhere.

  Finally a stranger happens by.   Different plans on how to get out of this rut are discussed weighed.   You both agree if you are to change your present situation changes must be made. You realize you cannot do this by yourself.

Even though you’ve never met the stranger before you are willing to place your trust in his suggestions.  You agree to follow his advice…..agree to change your approach.  Slowly, inch by inch, foot by foot, yard by yard you move forward.  Your situation goes from one of hopelessness to realizing  progress is being made.   

Life is not really so much different.  Some people not only get stuck….they resign themselves to the fact they will never get out of their present situation.  Some are so hopelessly stuck in their position they give up, throw in the towel and walk away. 

Those who recognize they are in a rut and wish to get out will soon realize to do so necessitates a change in the way they are doing things.  It soon becomes evident pain accompanies change.  The level and degree of pain is directly proportional the the degree of change.  More often than not help is needed to recognize a different approach is necessary.  More often than not it will be necessary to call on someone who has the tools and experience to effect the change desired.  More often than not change will come in small but progressive steps.

Step one in changing is to admit the present way of doing things isn’t working.  Admiting change is necessary.   All change beings with a thought.  Action is then taken on that thought.  Once enough action steps are taken the desired change, the desired result will happen.  Thought plus action equals result!

Impossible is nothing but a word.   All limitation is self imposed.  A number of great books provide the information necessary to invoke change.  Teachers, coaches, mentors are there to help make any change desired.  Webinars, blogs, seminars are available to those who need assistance in getting unstuck.    

Individuals are stuck only so long as they wish to be.  Once the conscious thought and desire to get unstuck enters the unconscious mind the path to a more rewarding position and life shall present itself.