February 12, 2016

Are You a Chiropractor Looking for Success in all the Wrong Places?

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management


After 50 years in the Chiropractic profession with more than 20 of those as a

personal development and practice management coach I have been witness to literally hundreds of Chiropractors “looking for success in all the wrong places.”  Too many have entered practice only to be disillusioned by their lack of immediate success.  Too many look around at those more successful than they and try to figure out why.  Some feel their lack of success comes in not being knowledgeable in a particular technique.  They then become technique chasers spending money they don’t have to learn what is felt to be the secret to success.  More often than not they will continue to be disappointed. 

Look…..graduates from Chiropractic College have all the tools necessary to treat sick and suffering humanity as evidenced by passing national and state boards. The key is to have faith, confidence and belief in what has been taught.  Some feel confident and proficient in Upper Cervical Specific adjusting then make that their primary method.  Others are more confident at the opposite end of the spine practicing Logan Basic Technique which should be their primary focus of adjusting. 

The fact is Chiropractic care can be successfully administered in a variety of different ways.  Think about it…..the two mentioned above along with Activator, Applied Kinnesiology, Van Rump, Gonstead, Grostic, SOT, Crane Condyle Lift, just to mention a few.  What is amazing and interesting is there practitioners of each of these techniques who are extremely successful. 

For decades Dr. B.J. Palmer adjusted nothing below the second vertebra in the spine experiencing tremendous success.  The 1940’s saw Dr. Virgil Crane in the tiny Texas town of Buffalo Gap, had patients coming to him from all over United States to receive his particular type of adjustment.  Dr. Clarence Gonstead was known to treat several hundred patients a day at the infamous Gonstead Clinic of Mt Horeb, WI.  He even had his own air strip for patients to be flown in and motel for them to stay while receiving his unique type of adjustment.

Was it the technique these legendary Chiropractors incorporated that determined their success?  The answer is a resounding NO!  It was the faith they had in that technique.  The confidence they had in their ability to administer said technique. The belief successful administration of that technique would alleviate the cause of their patients ill health. These famous doctors shared one common trait…they had “Faith, Confidence and Belief in their Products, Services and Ideas.”  It was this FCB in their PSI which predicated their success. 

The mere act of learning a different way of doing things will not, in and of itself, guarantee enhanced success.  No matter how one chooses to practice, the key ingredient is to have FCB in PSI.

There is nothing wrong with expanding one’s knowledge.  Nothing wrong with being inquisitive to the point of wanting to do more for your patients.  As Benjamin Franklin once said “those who spend their purse in their mind shall never be broke.” 

Caution comes in the thought learning different techniques is the answer to greater success.  That is true only if you feel learning a different way of practicing Chiropractic would increase your FCB in your PSI.   Searching for material success in technique classes is “looking for success in all the wrong places.”