April 25, 2016

American Badass Chuck Norris Examines Chemtrails in the Sky

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Exclusive: Chuck Norris examines geoengineering ‘in skies above us’


Excerpt from Chuck Norris article on WND.com –

Country legend Merle Haggard, who died of a lung infection (double pneumonia) on April 6, sang in his song, “What I hate”: “What I hate is looking up and seeing chemtrails in a clear blue sky today.”

Several months ago, I wrote a column titled, “Why are geo-engineering researchers being stonewalled?” In it, I gave an array of evidence from scientists that geoengineering and, specifically, covert chemtrailing is taking place in the skies above us and unbeknownst to us.

For those who are unfamiliar with the subject and stratospheric lunacy, let me reiterate a few definitions:

Geoengineering is the artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems through two primary technologies: Solar Radiation Management, or SRM, and Carbon Dioxide Removal, or CDR.
Read more and full article at http://www.wnd.com/2016/04/sky-criminals/#x6004fjItcSmGuqL.99

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