May 20, 2016

Are Adjustment Videos A Popular But Unusually Weird Fetish Now?

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Pop Culture, Social Media Marketing

Is this like, really a thing?

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Recently it came out that there is this crazy new trend of people watching chiropractic videos to help them relax.

Now, we know that videos have been all the rage lately, and we even explored if Chiropractors should be uploading videos of adjustments to YouTube.

But for real? There are compilations mixtape videos of Chiropractic Adjustments?

Yes. Yes, there are. And it seems to be prevalent in the UK and Australia.

Here is an example of one with almost 2 million views

Chiro Videos TV posted this video 8 months ago. Check out that view count! 1,838,954 views!!!

Chiro Videos TV posted this video 8 months ago. Check out that view count! 1,838,954 views!!!

Another most recent example with almost a quarter of a million views

21 Minute Mega Chiropractic Compilation YouTube

The poster “Chiro Fe” actually has a website where they state:

“Anyway a bit about me. I’m just a Chiro loving kid from Australia surprised by the support my videos have gotten.”

Honestly, we’re really surprised about the support for your videos too!

So the question has to be asked: Is there some sexual fetish thing going on or this one big inside joke? Or is this really something strangely satisfying?

Let’s take a look at some of the comments from these videos

Youtube Comment Chiro 1



There are a ton of comments to check out on these videos but most of them sound similar to ones above, weird but not overly perverted.

But when you see the thumbnails…

chiropractic compilation YouTube 2

chiropractic compilation YouTube 3

chiropractic compilation YouTube 4

There has to be a reason these uploaders typically use women in their thumbnail right?

But it get’s even weirder!

One Chiropractor and patient even agreed to be interviewed for a podcast with one of the biggest uploaders Chiro Videos TV.

We’re sorry but that accent and voice sounds like a creepy Bond Villian!

What can you do if your video has been ripped and uploaded by one of these compilation users?

It’s one thing if someone used an embedded version of your video that you made public and shares it on their site. YouTube allows that and you still own the content and control the video playback.

But this is literally taking others videos, ripping the content and uploading on their channel for their use. And, let’s be honest, there is money on the table being made if you look at those view counts.

So if you find your content on these channels and don’t want them there you could proceed with these next two steps:

Flag The Video

Flagging a copied YouTube video can be done in one simple click. Just below a video there should be a flag icon that when clicked gives you several options to report a video. Among those options is the choice “Infringed my rights,” which is the option you should select to report a copied video

File A Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Complaint

YouTube has a great copyright infringement notification page that incorporates the DMCA. This is serious stuff, so again, I recommend that you don’t start throwing around DMCA complaints left and right. You could end up in legal trouble yourself

What do you think of this craze? Is it Insane? Silly? Perverted? Or What?