January 20, 2019

9 Lessons from SummerCamp’s Jay Abraham to Move Your Practice from Stagnation to Stunning Growth

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

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From:The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth In Tough Economic Times

1.“The most defining trait of great entrepreneurs in the twenty-first century will be the ability to creatively collaborate with other people,” 

2. “The key to rapid success as a preeminent business is to fall in love with your clients.”

3.“Create a worldwide personal network of quality business players (i.e., a mastermind group, a board of advisors, or a private group of mentors—call it whatever you want to) who will help you solve any problem your business encounters—and fast, because they’ve already faced and overcome such problems themselves. “

4. “You’ll be more believable if you’re not perfect. A useful flaw in your character makes you more interesting and gives you a hook so that you penetrate deeply into the minds of your marketplace. The marketplace then sees you as human and real.”

5.“If you’re failing to strategize, you’re probably using your time in the wrong ways.” 

6.”Most people in bad times cut corners in the most treacherous way imaginable—by downsizing human or intellectual capital, the real asset of most businesses today. That is a mistake. You can find no greater upside-leveraging tools than the energy, passion, intelligence, connections, and entrepreneurial spirit of the human beings you surround yourself with.”

7.“We take out our frustrations on unsuspecting strangers every day, never stopping to acknowledge that these people have hopes and dreams just like we do.”

8. “One of the keys to collaboration success is first recognizing exactly what those on the other side want or need most that is not being provided or achieved and showing them that your prospects, your plan, your strategy will—not can—deliver it to and for them in better ways, and more quickly and easily than any other option they have.”

9.“One of the best preemptive methods is to work candidly with your prospect to compile a pros-and-cons list. Have your prospective client draw up a list with the name of your product or service placed alongside two alternative options that he or she is considering. The rest is easy: Show how you’re the optimal choice.” 

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