December 5, 2016

7 Reasons this Harvard Trained OBGYN Loves Chiropractors

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This is what Dr. Lara said one night driving home while talking to a second generation Chiropractor who has been practicing for over 30 years.

The Chiropractor on the other line replied – “And you would have been one of the best!”

We circled up with ChiroSushi Summit presenter Dr. Adrienne Lara to learn more why she loves Chiropractic and referring to Chiropractors.

Don’t get us wrong – Dr. Lara loves working with women, helping those with needs only a gynecologist or surgeon could help or assist.

However there are somethings she just can’t do (just don’t tell her that!). And then there are somethings that a MD and Chiropractor can do together that really makes the world spin and heal!

Here only 7 because trust us she has more (and more details) that she is saving to share for the ChiroSushi Summit.

Here are 7 Reasons this OBGYN in Oxnard LOVES Chiropractors!

1. They are the Surgeons of the Nerves….without the Surgery

“To Cut is to Heal” was often a saying going around the surgical rounds in the 80s and 90’s.

Chiropractors, who have often been compared to Osteopaths but really should be compared to Neurosurgeons, honor modalities that involve the least amount of invasion possible to help heal dis-ease of the spine and central nervous system. The primary focus is to remove interference caused by subluxations of the spine, which dampen immunity and most of the functions in the body.

2. They have helped our patients tremendously over the years

A huge portion of our practice visits their Chiropractor on a regular basis and rave about them to us! This makes us so happy because our #1 Goal for our patients is ultimate health, happiness, and spirit.

3. Most Chiropractors are very skilled and educated on Nutrition

In School: While MD’s are busy studying away on pharmacology , immunology and, for some of us, surgery – Chiropractors are taking additional hours of study on Nutrition.

In the last 10 years, there has been a major shift in healthcare to focus on diet and nutrition in health – and we should give kudos to Chiropractic for helping us get there!

4. We both trust in the Innate!


Too many times we will get a call from a patient dealing with a vaginal infection issue who has self-diagnosed. While we love the collaboration with our patients – sometimes they can jump the gun and ask “Can Dr. Lara just prescribe me something?” -Which most times we can’t – without a full lab and history.

The bigger issue related to this is the “Over-prescribing” of prescription drugs. This has led some to become immune to the effects of prescribed medicine that really should be used in an emergency situation.

We often teach our patients that the “vagina is a self-cleaning oven” which is similar to the philosophy of  Chiropractic that the bodies innate wisdom heals itself.

5. We both stress Preventive Care

Most Chiropractors and OBGYN’s stress the importance of regular routine checkups – studies have proven that these checkups dramatically reduce sick care visits.

6. And are great for Sick Care

But we both know that the human body will at times develop dis-ease! The combo package of Chiropractic and Medicine can help in many situations  such as Cancer, High-Risk Pregnancy , Recurrent Infections and more.

7. Chiropractic & Prenatal Care is a Win-Win


We know a recent study demonstrated that adjusting the pregnant women appears to relax the pelvic floor muscles at rest. As there were no changes seen when they adjusted the non-pregnant comparison group, this finding in the pregnant women appears to be an effect unique to pregnancy.

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About Dr. Adrienne Lara

She attended Boston University School of Medicine. She trained in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Harvard Medical School at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. After completing her residency training she remained on staff at Harvard for nine more years as a clinical instructor. During this time she taught residents and medical students and was nominated for a NatIonal teaching award by the medical students at Harvard. She was involved in numerous community projects focused on teaching and empowering women with an emphasis on minority women. She was an original founder of the first Latino physician group at Harvard.