April 3, 2017

6 Things That Matter About The Chiropractors I Take Advice From

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success 6 Minutes

Be Careful Who You Take Advice From

Advice for New or Struggling DC’s

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Everyone needs to have a mentor or a coach to help them through life and practice.  Today more than ever there are a ton of options for mentors and coaching programs.  The increased options are great, but you have to be careful of who you take advice from.  Anybody can spout off an opinion on Facebook and you have no idea if they have a booming practice or are living in their mom’s basement.

Here are some clues you can use to see if the person offering the advice is a person you want to listen to.

  • They are humble.  They aren’t always tooting their own horn.  Perhaps they talk about numbers or past experiences once in a while but if they are always bringing up the fact that the used to see 100 new patients per month something is off.
  • They are still in the game.  I am always a little suspicious of a DC that likes to talk about their glory days, but for some reason isn’t practicing now.  If chiropractic is so great, and you are so good at it, shouldn’t you still be doing it at least part time?
  • They have integrity.  They always tell the truth and they don’t cut corners.  Now nobody is perfect, I get that, but integrity should be something that a coach always shoots for.  A coach may tell you to do something you are uncomfortable with.  You should still do it unless it’s illegal or unethical.  Wisdom knows the difference between not wanted to do something because of discomfort and not wanting to do something because it’s wrong.
  • They are Godly or spiritual.  This will probably be the most controversial point in this article.  I come from a Christian background so I will write from that perspective.  If you don’t come from that perspective, interpret this how you see fit.  My faith informs everything I do.  At least I try to have it inform everything I do.  If I am taking advice from someone I would like for them to share my faith or at least have a faith.
  • They are loving.  I am all for tough love, but some people forget the love part of tough love.  Love is the key to any relationship.  If all somebody is is negative it’s going to be almost impossible to learn from them.
  • They are further along the road of success than you are.  It’s been said that if you want to become a millionaire, hang out with millionaires.   Don’t take advice from the DC down the road that can’t pay his rent either.  Take from somebody that can.

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