July 12, 2017

The 7 S(p)izziling ChiroEvents of the Summer You CAN’T Miss

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International Vertebral Subluxation Summit – July 21-22

ICA President George Curry who always works his tail off has put together a fantastic lineup of speakers devoted to the principles and foundation of Chiropractic: Vertebral Subluxation.

Featuring Dr. Dan Murphy, Dr. Heidi Haavik, Dr. Deed Harrison and Dr. James Chestnut.

Killer Bonus: LIVESTREAM

The CloseForChiro MasterClass – July 28-29

Back during the first ever ChiroSushi Summit this crew was also holding their masterclass in Chi-Town to rave reviews and now it’s been requested by it’s own attendees to head further east to Vermont.

“The CloseForChiro Day1 Day2 MasterClass is simple.  We teach you how to sell the greatest healthcare product in the world – chiropractic.  An intense 2 days of role playing, number crunching and belly laughing – MasterClass is not a seminar.  It’s an experience.  At least that’s what we’ve been told.  No contracts or commitments.  One weekend and you are ready to roll on Monday.” Dr. Daniel Bai

Killer Bonus: We heard Dr. Scott Garber from the Berkshire Philosophy Event is going to be there!

Amped Atlanta Team Conference July 28th – 30th

Join the AMPED Community in July, bring yourself, spouse, your Team and shift into high gear & get refreshed at our Team Conference. Best is that it’s FREE – all you need to do is register– AMPED Atlanta Team Conference July 28th – 30th 2017.

DE – Aug 3-6

It’s DE….what else do we need to say?

Killer Bonus: Tristan from ChiroSushi will be there!

Life West The Wave – Aug 4-6

Featuring:  Dr. Pam Jarboe, Heidi Haavik, DC, PhD, Ted Carrick, DC

Killer Bonus: Bruce Lipton is going to be there!

Mile High – August 17-20

One of the most epic events of the Summer – featuring Dr. Donny Epstein, Dr. Pam Jarboe and Dr. Liam “Freaking” Schübel.

“I have been waiting all year to go to this event” – Dr. Ryan Bones – ChiroSushi

Killer Bonus: Tristan & Ryan from ChiroSushi will be there

The Philos – Sept 9-10

What a way to end the summer…

First of all we have to give these kids credit. If you don’t know the story of The Philos, you should.

These young Chiropractic students wanted Chiropractic Philosophy so bad that they just created the event off-campus.

And their Sept 9-10 event looks stellar!


Dr. Shawn Dill, Dr. Neil Cohen, and Dr. Irum Tahir

Killer Bonus: Tristan from ChiroSushi will be there!

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