July 18, 2018

12 Things ChiroSushi is Puff-Puff-PASSING on at Mile High 2018

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Mile High 2018 is almost here and here is what we’re Puffing and Passing on over that Sizzling weekend in August

MileHigh and Berkshires were voted BEST Chiropractic Event at ChiroSushi 2018 and here are a few reasons why 2017 was so awesome:

  • Pam Jarboe’s Presentation
  • Lucas Matlock’s Passion
  • Getting LOVE BOMBED with Rhea Zimmerman Komarek
  • Tullius
  • The Fire
  • Getting stoned with Richard Roth
  • Schubel
  • BDC Breakout
  • Tillers
  • Dooley on Philosophy
  • IFCO Breakout – Mancuso and Bones
  • Hobbs

There is just so much going on at MileHigh you can not have a great experience and you can’t leave NOT FIRED UP.

Puff: Dr. Kimberly Berkus

Definitely our sleeper pick for presentation that will blow you away. This Samurai and BDC all-star is a great story-teller with a unique vision. We’re stoked for her and we’re even more excited for the RAY OF LIGHT she will be bringing to Colorado

Check out our RAW SushiCast

Puff: Dr. Mo

Listen here – Dr. Mo knows…

She is the SMARTEST in ALL of TIC today

Pass: Hiking in Colorado



The passion, vision and research of Bruce Steinberg and Amy Hass – our ChiroNurds – is can’t miss. Plus Australian NERDS like Billy Chow and David Russell are coming.

With Dr. Mo and these NERDS you will prepare to GEEK OUT.

Puff: Tillers Bar

Gonna have to be honest – Tillers Bar crew is some of the best with dealing with rabid Chiropractors.

Pass: 7 am Subluxation Science Panel

See Tillers Bar

Puff: Hailey Jules Team Training Session

She did this at the ChiroSushi Summit and our attendees raved.

If you are bringing your team you better wake their asses up for this one!

Puff: BDC Breakout Session

Last year Shawn and Lacey did a MASTERFUL Breakout session on Relationships + Working Together – it was a genius idea – it was probably the GREATEST IDEA in All of TIC until the C4C vs BDC Breakout Session at ChiroSushi

And of course – Shawn and Lacey OVER-DELIVER

Pass: Donny

I’m still scared of popping a boner when this guy works on me

Puff: President Schübel

The greatest IFCO President of our Generation always is entertaining and a wizard of stirring up INSPIRATION for ALL THINGS TIC.

Plus – we love how he shit stirs


Hey – we can be biased and save some of the BEST for Last right?

Dr. Bones is one of the best speakers – he’s a two time Ted X champ –

Having him on Thursday night to close will not only fire the audience up -but also probably cause some of Friday’s speakers to re-think their own!

Pass: CPR Class Sunday

I’d rather go to a breakout session on how to Screen for Jesus and low retention patients for the rest of my life

You have to come…

And this year is just extra special – because Dr. Danny Knowles is there to preside over his baby.

Speaking as an event organizer I know how much work, time, energy, sweat, tears and NOW BLOOD going into putting these things on.

The reason we do this is for the people who come up and say their lives, practice members lives and their communities we’re saved. 

Show your support – bring and call a friend and let’s FUCKING ROCK MILEHIGH 2018

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