November 18, 2016

5 Tips To Avoid A Chargeback

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Chiropractic Technology, Practice Management

A note from Tristan at ChiroSushi:

This post is from our friends over at Chosen Payments. This very topic is actually what led to Chosen Payments becoming one of our partners at

You see, Chosen is my credit card processor for my healthcare practices and we had just had an onslaught of chargebacks.

Nothing stinks more than providing a service, getting paid and then having that payment taken away. 

The customer service team at Chosen went ABOVE and BEYOND to help us. At the end of one of my calls with Sarah, my support rep, I said: “I want to help you help more practices like mine.”

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5 Tips To Avoid A Chargeback

Follow Protocols

Each credit card processor has unique protocols regarding how credit cards are accepted. For in-person purchases, verify the card’s expiration date and enter the three-digit security code. For online purchases, additional information such as digital signature, social media profiles, IP address, and a second password suggested.

Use Descriptors 

Descriptors are your merchant’s name, exact product description, and other pertinent information that appears on the cardholder’s statement connecting the purchase to your company. If these are unclear, the cardholder may not recognize the purchase and thereby file a dispute.

Look For Indications Of Fraud

Take the time to learn indicators of fraud such as suspicious name, incorrect security code, mismatched billing and shipping addresses, missing information that the cardholder should know and so on.

Proper Training

Your employees need to be properly trained to identify fraud and prevent chargebacks pertaining to both in-person and online credit card transactions. They need to know how and when to call in a Code 10 “suspicious transaction” so the issuing bank can verify with the cardholder.

Strong Customer Service

Good customer service is critical for resolving chargebacks. Using notifications from the credit card processor, you can quickly identify a customer’s dispute. As a result, the problem can be handled in a timely manner, allowing you to retain a good customer and avoid the chargeback through resolution.