February 12, 2016

5 SEO Hacks for Chiropractors that Google Just Eats Up

By Tristan Schaub In Social Media Marketing, Website Marketing

Are you Ruling Your Web and SEO Kingdom? Are you the “Master of Your Domain?”

Or is the web company at the bottom of your page taking credit for all that half-ass SEO work?

master of your domain

Completely opposite of the famous Seinfeld episode where “doing nothing” was the goal, to be the “Master of Your Domain” in regards to your website requires tenacity, dedication and “doing it.” Too often I see SEO companies that are busy promoting and optimizing themselves on the business’s site that they should be working aggressively to rank higher and reach more eyeballs.Sometimes you are better off just doing it yourself.

(Or hiring someone with the trust element that is missing in this business – biased self promo! Click here to learn more about us)

Let’s look at 5 Google SEO Hacks that will help keep you ahead of your competition.

1.Dynamic User Generated Content

SEO User Genrated Content

To create fresh, unique content is the most important and probably most difficult of the 5. Why is it difficult? Time is always running out for us as business owners, and when we do have a very little leftover time from the day or week, the last thing we want to do is be creative.

So we hire someone else to build our website and it’s built like a stone statue, never reformed again. Our website and coincidentally our sales stagnant out, and we sit and wonder is this it?

Here some tips; Some easy. Some more time consuming.

  • Add something to your website every month; If it is just a photo, a page or blog. Average Time: 5- 15 min
  • Blogging is the most asked about question on our Facebook page. “How do I blog?”. Here is what I say, write about what you love and hope for the best. If your business is your passion then content ideas should flow smoothly. Commit to one blog a month. Average Time : 2 Hours
  • Curate Content: Aggregate and display content that is related to similar content on your Website. Average Time 45 min

2. Youtube

So back in 2006 Google purchased Youtube for 1.65 Billion. Today I would consider that a steal. But it’s still a Billion Dollars, so you think that the 2nd most searched site is important? The SEO juice of a Youtube video alone is enough reason to get in on the fun, but combine it with embedding the videos on your site and you just did some real nice work my friend.

SEO Youtube

With the progress of camera’s that also have a phone taking decent video, shouldn’t be a problem. Coming up with regular ideas can get to be a bit daunting. Fortunately, we have some ideas to get you started:

  • Reviews: Film your customers. People could care less what you have to say, but they care what your customers have to say. Not only can you shoot for 1 -2 of these a week but when they are live they not only help with SEO but with increasing your conversion rate.
  • Education: You can either be the cool history teacher or the boring math instructor, your call. But again, if you are passionate about your business than shooting 3-5 min extended education pieces can do wonders, and you can also tie into your blogging.
  • Commercial’s: For the cost of nothing you can shoot and post all the endless commercial footage you ever dreamed of and be a star! Get funky. Have fun. Be Different!

3. Numbers Matter

Remember these Numbers:

2000, 300 ,2-5 ,4.5%,156 ,70 ,0-100

Recently it was discovered that the most viral web pages making the rounds averaged at least 2000 words. In this day and age of tweets, snaps chats and tiny URL you would assume that could not be the case, but the reality is that the hard work you put in is always going to get rewarded.

When doing any standard web page Google prefers at least 300 Words. 2000 is insane but 300 is still an effort. The page should also contain 2-5 pictures optimized. That means the picture should not read “jpeg2000499999.011” or something else stupid. The picture’s Alt Tags also should be optimized with your focus keyword.

Speaking of “Focus Keyword,” the density per words should not exceed 4.5 percent, and that includes optimized on images. The keyword should be everywhere possible including;

  • The URL
  • The Title
  • The Header
  • Content
  • Meta Description
  • The Meta Description allows up to 156 characters, and good SEO practices say use them all. The page title is recommended to have 70 characters and at least a minimum of 40.

Lastly, as soon as you reach your required metrics you have to make sure it all makes sense. That is why the Flesch-Kincaid readability score can be so significant. The range is from 0-100 and the lower the score, the higher the level of education is required to understand the text.


4. Asking Google to Crawl

Asking Google to crawl your site is the easiest of these 5 SEO hacks, but often the one that not ever discussed. Let’s say you do all this work, you updated your site, you keep it active with a blog, you are adding pictures yada, yada, yada…but then Google doesn’t even notice the effort. You can also cut down or minimize the risk of duplicate content when performing this request.

Google Website Crawl SEO

Asking Google to crawl your site is a simple answer.


5. Google Loves Traffic

It seems like a double edged sword. You can’t get the traffic you want yet one of the biggest rank factors of a site is how many visitors the site is attracting.


Enter Social Media, Email Marketing and Blogging come in.

Let’s talk about Social Media first:

It pains me every time I see Facebook or Twitter fan page or business page “doing someone else’s work.” What does that mean? Sharing another companies social media posts. Now it helps to have some friends and some mutual neighborhood marketing together but what I’m talking about is an example like this:

Do Your Own Work SEO

Why would you waste such a valuable opportunity to generate traffic to your own site? Companies that I work for the average anywhere from 29% to 40% of their traffic from Facebook BECAUSE IT’S SUPER EASY.

It just requires the right amount of work ethic and smart posting.

Now how about Email Marketing:

Most businesses utilize their email marketing for one thing and one thing only: Offers. Sending deals to your email list is great but it get’s boring, and most of the deals are not on the updated website. Utilizing email marketing you can increase your web traffic by adding your most visited webpage, including sharing and forwarding education material and emailing updated blogs.

Which leads us to Blogging:

If you are not blogging, you are hurting your business today. Blogging will take care of a majority of your Web Presence Marketing all at once.

1. Write a Blog

2. Share the Blog on Social Media

3. Share the blog with your email subscription list

4. Optimize the blog to be found on relevant keywords

Blogging SEO

The better the content, the more the post will be shared. The better optimization, the more the article will be visible in search results. The better the title, the more your email base will click on it. This all leads to an increase in Web traffic that Google will reward you for, I promise.

Bottom Line:
Nothing can be achieved without at least some effort being put forth when it comes to SEO and optimization. If you carve out a plan, organize your time and commit you can make great strides, and you will see improved performance of your website.

If time is an issue than finding the right company (like MyNewExpert.com) to handle this paramount process is an option. That company should provide transparent reporting of their work and show the results obtained through monthly reporting. Your dedicated rep should be a text away and offering a money back guarantee would be a lovely offering (hint wink).


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