February 21, 2018

10 Reasons You Should Stay Away From The ChiroSpamSushi Summit

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Pop Culture, Chiropractic Success

It’s not even a Chiropractic Seminar!

That shitstain slob isn’t even a Chiro! And half the speakers aren’t either

SpamSushi calls it “An Entrepreneur Seminar for Chiropractors”

What does that even mean?

1. It’s put on by the biggest con-man scammers of all time…SpamSushi

Shit-Stain Slob is just out to get your money – that’s why they offer you a few ways for them to steal it from you. You can buy your ticket for cheap because it doesn’t have ANY value …that’s what these con-man do – they sell you something cheap like a $300 dollar ticket to a seminar and then their gonna sell you more and shitstain is gonna sit on his throne while the profession suffers

or..or…and this is even better

You can buy a subscription to their Samurai program  where they hope you forget about your monthly charge and then shitstain and Bones take all the profits and spend it putting poison down their throats…

Who cares if you get 4 free tickets to SpamSushi

Who cares if shitstain spends up to 1 hour a week with members working on their business…yeah…more like figuring out ways to steal their data and their credit cards

What a crock

2. It’s in Vegas

I’d rather be in my tropical rainforest then in the air-conditioned Westgate hotel during the day in THE SUMMER and then hanging out with a bunch of chiroconmen who probably are tied to the mafia at night FISTBUMPING to some chirocon jingles like

“Rack em, crack em, hit em high, hit em low, take their money and let them go”

I bet they get a kickback from the blackjack dealers every time you lose.

If you are gonna go – make sure you get your vaccines because it’s the Chiropractic principle.

3.  Their keynotes are just con-men trying to make money of my profession

Who is Brian Tracy?

Why does chirospamalot feel the need to bring in all these EXPERTS into my profession – I can tell you right now what you need to do:

  1. Form a union
  2. Vaccinate – Because it’s the Chiropractic principles
  3. Stop the ChiroCon man

Why is Tucker Max there – because he wrote a few best-selling books and now is trying to con my people into him writing their books for them – what will they call it…”I hope they serve beer at my chiropractors?” Isn’t that what that that scum Bones does?

I could sell a million copies my book “Living La Vida Roca – How To Unite A Profession By Hating One Person

Is Daven Michaels going to con chiros into outsourcing their adjustments

Is Kute Blackmon going to make them do the goo roo firewalk?

Is Tom Bilyeu gonna sell me a protein bar

Oh wait..JP Sears is there?

4. All the goo-roos

You got LYIN LIAM and his sidekick Dill – What happened in Columbia man????

You got the Close4Chiro clan – what are they gonna sell you a script – Do you know what a script does – the last time I lost my script and look what happened to me!!!!

Barb Eaton – she’s just another goo-roos CON-WOMAN but with a big smile…don’t trust the goo goo with a big smile folks

Ed Osborn – there’s another goo-roos with a funnel to sell

Let me tell you about funnels kids…one time at Life U I funneled tequila and LSD and now I have to wear my sunglasses ALL THE TIME – THERE IS NO GOOD FUNNEL

Just some chirocon bs

Oh…oh look

ChemTRAIL Billy is there…of course

Pam Jarboe – what does she sell flowers to Chiro???

And then you got all these up and coming gooroos like that foul mouthed redhead from Game of Thrones Baker

See they spam sushi are just like the lannisters – they just want to take over Chiropractic – they steal all their stuff from the ninjas and the amped people.

5. Their gonna throw Wet Hot American Summer party?

What is it with the 80’s and the con-man?

Look I know this title said 10 but that’s how the goo roos get you – with their clickbait AND I am the king of not finishing what I start…SO YOU CAN LEARN MORE HERE

Plus I got to go start another argument somewhere

Unionize or DIE!

Crazy BJ

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