December 27, 2017

Dear Sushi: “Google Just Called Me”

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Marketing, Marketing Tools

Hello, Tristan.


Hello, Tristan. I’m in the 56-DayChiroBootcamp and Dr Barb directed me to you.

Google has contacted me to try to get me to sign up for their “Google Partners.” It’s a “local campaign” program where they ensure my business name is at the top of the organic list in searches (not in the ads portion), that my website and google listing are embedded with key words that describe my business (chiropractic, nutrition, supplements, neurology, etc), that my facebook posts are seen by more, etc.

The sales person was talking a mile a minute, so I didn’t catch ALL of it, and I don’t want to sign up for anything that we may be covering in the boot camp or that you may have better insight on. I’m not to the marketing part in the bootcamp yet, although I know you talked about something like this in the Marketing Summit on the 15th. So, their deal is $149/mo for this service (plus a $49 set up fee). Is it worth the investment, or will I be learning these things in the bootcamp/another route?

Thank you in advance!

Love this question.

First of all…kudos to you for being in one of the best and advanced support groups and working with a ChiroSushi approved menTOR in Dr. Barbara Eaton. She is simply, ONE OF THE BEST!

Let’s go down the rabbit hole for a better understanding.

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This is called: PPC or SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

The only time Google will ever reach out to a business owner or customer is one who is utilizing ad-words.

When they do it’s usually a standard optimize call to go over your current campaigns and so they can help you to help them make more money.

Usually those calls are a win-win.

Google NEVER calls about helping you rank higher organically

But unfortunately fibbers do!

This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

In fact from a scalability standpoint it would make no sense for Google to want to help you rank better organically – why would they when they can sell you adwords to cover that????

So what probably happened?

Google does offer a partner program.

This is essentially a “certification” that shows an agency or individual is current and shows knowledge of the Google Adwords console, modalities and training.

You can search for partners here:

You will also notice that all their partners show proficiency in “ads” not SEO.

“But they will make me #1 on Google”

The number 1 on Google call has been around for over 10 years. Just different incarnations show up from time to time.

They are generally high around new years and summer time for doctors as these are the times you focus on growth due to taxes and vacation slow-downs.

Sometimes, companies abuse language.

  1. This may have been a Google partner but they are selling a loss leader package to get you in the door. Google can not police every agency sadly.
  2.  This is an agency who is not a Google partner yet claims to be. Due diligence is always the next step.


What this sounds like is the usually the biggest culprit; Someone claiming to call from Google.

If it smells like a fish, looks like a fish and tastes like a fish it is probably a fish.

Here is a summary to protect yourself:

  • Google will never call you unless you are an advertiser – and in those cases they ALWAYS email first and reference your account.
  • There are many cold-call scammers claiming to be from Google or a Google partner – you can verify with employee id #’s and or agency names which you can then verify with the Google partners link.
  • Anyone claiming to make you number one or guaranteeing a position on Google should always make you think twice. The closest thing to a guarantee on Google is with buying ad-words and even then there are migrating circumstances.
  • Google won’t ever mention Facebook in a call…trust me.
  • Price – A low fee for what generally costs $500-700 a month in the industry is something that should raise a red-flag.

Now – this could still be a good group trying to startup – been there – but do your due diligence.

  • Ask for 3 referrals or key opinion leaders in your industry
  • Verify all credentials


Dr. Eaton has done a wonderful job of securing experts alongside herself to help you with many facets of your business. We covered a lot of ground in the Bootcamp for you to learn yourself and if you ever wanted to task off we at ChiroSushi can always point you in the right direction!

You want to be careful when it comes to Google – because Google is your first impression! Don’t become a horror story of someone who used a company who used techniques which get your website banned!

Hope this helped!