July 25, 2017

Why Every Chiropractor Needs to Know Sales

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Why Every Chiropractor Needs to Know Sales – Guest Post from Dr. Daniel Bai

As a chiropractor, your goal is to help people lead comfortable and optimized lives. What good does that do you, though, if the idiot knucklehead chiropractor down the street has tons of patients, and your only patient today is your Aunt Betty? Yeah, and she’s only coming to see you because she feels bad for you!

Aunt Betty will always be there!

What gives here? How come some chiropractors — and not always the most skilled of them, either — rake in the big bucks? Meanwhile, plenty of talented and caring women and men like you struggle to pay the electric bill. Maybe you’re worried you’re gonna have to start caring for people while you’re holding up a flashlight (true story).

Well, the problem is easy to spot, my friend. You’re a great person, a great doctor but you’re a sucky salesperson.  You see, you have to sell yourself like a pro. Have to. No sales equals no chiropractic practice.

I understand your fears here. You’ve probably heard lots of underhanded sales lines in your day — online, on TV, on the radio and in person. You want no part of that. Fine, fine, I agree with you. I don’t like the sleaze or the cheese, either.

What you might not fully appreciate is that there are lots of ways to promote yourself that are honest and classy. Most important, you need to close your deals. That is to say, when you talk to people in your office, you must turn them into regulars that pay you what you deserve hence get the incredible care you provide.

Bad news: That’s harder than it sounds. These days, patients are more skeptical than ever before about health professionals in general BUT, with the constant attack on our profession it’s even worse.  Gone are the days when people blindly trust their doctors.

Some people hear politicians bashing the healthcare industry constantly. Others have read horror stories and bad reviews on the internet. Not to mention, many folks today just like to question authority in general. Ya know what I’m saying? As a result, people are more likely to argue with their doctors or tune them out completely. The BS meter constantly being ticked.  It’s like how some teenagers treat their parents. – seriously.

Am I telling you that you’re doomed? Not at all! In fact, you absolutely have the capacity to show people you’re looking out for their best interests. You can make them want to be your patients. All you need to do is master effective communication techniques that have been around forever in almost every industry … except chiropractic.

We’ll show you how to get into the minds of other people and to see things from their vantage point. It’s a little like magic. You’ll start understanding what they want and why they might be hesitating.  It’s like predicting the future.  So Cool!

From there, we’ll teach you a whole set of persuasive conversational methods. That way, you’ll be able to show people that you care, that you can provide them with WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR and even save them some cash while you’re at it. We’ll give your negotiating skills a boost as well. After that, you’ll really be on a roll.

In the end, selling is not just a series of tricks. It’s an art form. It’s a mindset. When you’re pleasing your patients, when you’re getting to know them and when you’re being open and direct with them, you’re preparing them to receive YOU.  And you’re not that BAD!  Of course, we’ll assist you with all those complex psychological matters.  That way you can really ‘be the doctor’.

What sets closers apart, is by knowing your stuff, more people see your HEART.  
Always Be Closing for Chiropractic

Daniel C. Bai, DC
Yes, I’m in Practice Just Like You
CEO of CloseForChiro