June 27, 2017

This Nutrition CEO Says Chiropractors Should Stop Doing THIS

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Marketing

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Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion. Quest Nutrition is the fastest growing food company…ever. Known for their low carb protein bars, Quest took only 5 years to get $400m+ in annual revenue. Now, Tom is fulfilling the second part of his mission: helping the next crop of disruptors develop the right mindset to grow their mission-based businesses through his mentorship show and community, Impact Theory.

At the 2017 Hustle Con he spoke about Doing Cool S**t, How to Generate Social Momentum and the Pyramid of Influence.

But the one topic that really resonates for Chiropractic and Chiropractors is what he said about marketing

Don’t Market – Build Community

And here are the 6 things he says how to do it:

1.Be Where Your Customers Are At

This one is really easy…

Facebook and Instagram is where your patient are at in the digital world.

In 2017 there is no excuse for not having a consistent commitment to using social media.

This is where your Educational entertainment and conversations should be happening on a regular basis.

But what about the Physical world?

Well sites like Meetup can help you find where your niche patients are actually meeting in the real world.

It’s also smart to set up tables and talks at:

2. Engage A LOT

See above – but do more


It might seem like a cop out but it’s the truth.

Be CONSISTENTLY CONSISTENT with your engagement – set reminders for Social, Have systems of Automation and set your Marketing calendar for the year.

Do More.

3.Be Authentic and Transparent 

Authentic businesses inspire and prosper.

The 2012 Goodpurpose study demonstrated that where quality and price were equal the leading purchase driver for 53 percent of consumers was ‘social purpose’

People can smell through stiff self-serving no personalty hacks…and that typically doesn’t lead to conversions and retention.

So open up and be you.

“Millennials automatically distrust advertisements because we think they’re all spin. Of course your commercial makes your product look amazing. You’re trying to make money. But how do THEY know it’s worth it?

Short answer: they don’t.

Open your business up a little. Show what’s happening behind the scenes. You can’t do all your work behind closed doors and expect millennials to trust you.” says Matthew Tyson Marketing strategist for WideNet

And a note on transparency…

When you are talking with potential patients don’t only talk about your successes but let them know where your collaborations with patients fell short and why – this will do big things for conversions and retention.

4. Make Amazing Impactful Content…Consistently

See #2 again real quick…ok cool.

Now if you were a SMART Chiropractor and you attended the ChiroSushi Summit in May of 2017 you would have heard experts like Grant Cardone, John Sung Kim, Jeff Langmaid and more talking about becoming a media company and creating dynamic content on a regular basis.

John Sung Kim must have said write “6 Blogs a Week.”


Because it will have such an impact as a resource to your community, position you as an expert in your field and help draw folks in via social and search.

*Some ideas to keep your blogs Fresh

  1. Best of Articles
  2. Personal Essays
  3. How To
  4. Recipes
  5. Interviews
  6. Listicles
  7. Rebuttal Posts
  8. Recap Posts
  9. Reviews
  10. Media Embedded Posts

Want to go really deep on this topic? Join me for my next webinar:

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5. Be True To The Platform




Just letting that one sink in a bit.

I think Ice Cube said it best…

“F**k around, and get your ghetto pass revoked
I ain’t saying no names, you know who you are you little punk
Be true to the game”

6. Boost What Works

Immediately my head went to Facebook Boosted Posts when I heard this but I don’t think this is what he meant, although it’s reasonable to assume.

*On that note – you should definitely be putting money into Faceboo advertising and if you don’t how or don’t have the bandwidth then let me introduce to you some of my friends:

Dr. Shawn Andrews from Facebook Ads Mastery

Nicole Cowley

3S Chiropractic Systems

Chris Burfield

But I think he was talking about doing what makes you successful and doing it more.

Ask any Chiropractor who experiences success and then stumbles what they did wrong and 9 out of 10 will tell you “I stopped doing all the things that made me successful.”

So if you are just getting phenomenal results with Facebook Lives, Dinner with a Doc , Spinal Screenings, or office based events or outside office events then invest more time, money and energy into those channels.

And another way to boost what’s working is by automating the actual work flow!

Ready to Automate Your Word of Mouth Marketing? Stay True to the Game and in the Loop about the upcoming Katana Software Platform from ChiroSushi (brought to you by the people behind Match.com, DoctorBase and Co-Action Software AKA Really Smart People).