June 14, 2017

Does Your Consultation Contain These 4 Critical Elements?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Communication

I LOVE Fridays…how about YOU?

I love Fridays because I am OBSESSED with serving at 100% throughout the week, which then allows me to enjoy my weekends without guilt, worry, and doubt. How about you?

If you have been reading my emails for very long that the 4 requirements of a successful system will be a review for you. That’s totally ok because the first law of learning is repetition.

The 4 requirements of a successful system:
1. It must be measurable
2. It must be innovative.
3. It must reproducible.
4. We must eliminate discretion.

So, I gotta ask you, do you have a system for your Consultation or is it a random exercise of discovery and educating? Most chiropractic consultations focus on educating the NPM about chiropractic, which is a terrible way to start off a relationship that YOU didn’t initiate. Your NPM initiated the relationship because they have a pressing problem.

Before you get your boxers or panties in a bunch, stick with me for a minute.

Listen, if your intention is to serve your NPM for a lifetime, how you start the relationship has a huge impact on how the relationship will grow and progress.\

NPMs schedule appointments in our office because they have a problem that they cannot solve on their own. It is HIGHLY unlikely that they scheduled their first visit because they wanted a 20 minute dissertation on chiropractic, health, and wellness. I am NOT saying those aren’t important; rather, I am suggesting that timing is critical here.

Think of it like dating…can you imagine on your FIRST date with your dream guy/gal that they spent 20 minutes “educating”you about THEIR goals for YOU?

Yah, that’s right THEIR goals for YOU.

Seems absurd, right?

I agree, which is why I really don’t understand why during the Consultation chiropractors tell their NPMs any one or more of these things:
1. MY goal for you is….
2. It’s not about pain, it’s about function….
3. I just need you to understand why you’re here….
4. The reason we’re here is…

Backwards, right?

So, chiropractor, let’s upgrade our service to our NPMs and pledge that we’ll always make it about those that we serve, not about us. That is not to say that you carry your PMs or NPMs. We always CARE, don’t CARRY and never chase! It does, however, mean that the Consultation is all about us discovering more about them.

To make it easier for you, I have copied below the basic outline of my Consultation. Print it and tape or glue it to a 3X5 card that you’ll take with you into every Consultation until you master it. And yes, mastering this new skill will require practice, drilling, and rehearsal.

Here is my basic Consultation outline:

Check out what Dr James just shared about his experience with our coaching, specifically implementing the Consultation.

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I can’t wait to journey forward with you,

Dr. Barbara Eaton