June 11, 2017

3 Easy Steps To Increase Your Chiropractic Consult Opening Rate

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Before – After – Bridge

Show the consult their world before your solution.

You start by painting a picture of the patients’ world before your solution. The key to this part of the formula is to get your consult to identify themselves in the picture and to realize the problem you are presenting is happening to them.


Write down your example

Show your prospective patient what the world would be like after your solution.

Next, you need to show consult how the world would be different after using your solution. The key to this part of the formula is focusing on a benefit the consult really cares about, such as optimized health or reduced pain.

Write down your example

Bridge the two worlds together with your solution.

Now that you’ve made the consult realize the problem and shown them how good life would be if the problem were solved, it’s time to present your solution as a bridge between the two worlds.


Write down your example

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Why does this formula work?


Pleasure and Pain Principle

This scenario is an example of a psychoanalytic concept called the pleasure and pain principle, first developed by Sigmund Freud, which you can use to great effect in your sales presentations. This concept states we are born into the world seeking gratification by finding pleasure and avoiding pain. These are the only two primary motivations for people taking action to do anything.

Further, your patients are motivated to act much more frequently because of pain than because of pleasure; pain is more immediate and generates stronger emotions, so avoiding it always wins. If avoiding pain compels people to buy from you, all’s well and good.

But what if they associate you or your product with future pain and won’t buy?

If you really want the sale, you’re going to have to go much deeper. You’re going to have to motivate them to believe the following:

  1. Buying your product or service = pleasure
  2. Not buying = pain

When these two criteria meet, you have a conversion.

So what’s even more important than this 3 step process?

Make sure you listen and collect as much information about their pain points and goals as possible.

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