June 8, 2017

Are You Wearing Patients Out With Your Facebook Ads?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Social Media Marketing

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Facebook Ad Fatigue

“Fatigue is a real problem with Facebook ads: Fatigue means audiences are tiring of seeing your ads on repeat. As a result, CTR’s drop, CPA’s increase, and your campaign’s total lifetime shortens. Possibly to no longer than a few weeks.

Eventually, everyone in your audience sees your ad. Then they see it on repeat.

This happens sooner than you think. Because, as we’ll learn, Facebook may limit your ad to just a subset of your target audience. (A subset that its algorithms know is most likely to click your ad.) So while they kindly save you costs, they expedite fatigue.” – Julian Shapiro – Startup Growth

Tips To Fight Ad Fatigue

Set most of your budget for performance but a small fraction of it for creative testing.

As you identify new winners in your creative test, you can apply the learnings to the performance oriented campaigns. – Siddharth Shah –


From my experience, Facebook ad campaigns would usually reach their peak click-through rates around the 3rd or even 2nd day after the launch.

So in order to minimize Facebook ad fatigue, it’s crucial that you get into a habit of rotating the ads every 3-4 days.

If you’re promoting the same service or product, start by creating multiple ad variations with different visuals (the photo has some of the biggest effect on how it is perceived by the audience).

Then, run one ad for 3-4 days, pause it, and activate another Facebook ad – it will be perceived as a different ad by the audience, which will help you to keep higher click-through rates. – Adomas Baltagalvis

Change your ad’s background color

People respond to different color combinations in various ways.

Colour blue ignites the feeling of calmness and clarity; yellow makes us feel happy and optimistic, green is the color of peace and refreshment.

Depending on the person’s current mood, they interact with your ads in diverse ways. Someone in a good mood might ignore your dark-colored design, while an agitated person could be drawn to shades that spark peaceful feelings. – Karola Karlson

Find a balance between audience size and budget.

One major way to cut down on Facebook ad fatigue is by making sure that you find a balance between the size of the audience you are serving the ad to and the budget you are allocating for this ad. If your audience is small, but you have a larger ad budget, then the frequency of your Facebook ads will increase, which may cause fatigue. – 

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