April 27, 2017

Ask and you shall receive? Are You Doing THIS To Grow Your Practice?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Marketing

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A recent Gallop poll suggests that personal referrals are still king when it comes to accruing more patients.

Nearly 40% (37.20%) said they chose their doctor because of a referral from a friend or family member; 27.32% said they got a referral from another doctor; almost 27% relied on the internet or onine reviews, 4.31% saw an ad and 0.01% found their doctor via social media.

If personal referrals account for almost 40% of your new business, you should be spending your marketing dollars on internal marketing tools, and reaching out to the patients who already like and trust you. Here’s how:

Jay M. Geier founder of The Scheduling Institute says:

Don’t assume patients know. Make it a point to communicate to your patients that you want their referrals. Many doctors are doing all the right things – they have a referable office and service is supreme, but they’re not letting their patients know that they actually want their referrals. Don’t make it complicated, just ask!

Asking for referrals should be intentional and built into the staff and doctor’s interaction with every patient. For example, as you leave the room or are walking the patient to the front desk say, “Mrs. Jones, we look forward to working with you as a patient. We would love more patients just like you. Would you reach out and tell two or three of your friends or family members about your experience with us?” If you’ve provided good service that day, your patients will be more than willing to do that for you.

ChiroSushi Summit presenter Grant Cardone Says:

The Bible says, “Ask and you shall receive.”

A business owner with whom I worked once told me, “You can’t ask a client for a referral before you’ve even earned the right to do business with them.” I told him, “I know the Ten Commandments, and that isn’t one of them!

I deliver a great product, service the hell out of it, do everything I can to create a “wow” experience — and then shamelessly ask the people to whom I have sold — even with people who haven’t bought from me — if they know anyone interested in what I have to offer.

I have never had a customer become upset with me because I asked for a referral, and I have asked during, before, and after the transaction — perhaps too often. Make an unwavering and unreasonable commitment to activate your clients in order to generate new opportunities for yourself. 10X your referrals and 10X your income!

So what are some ways to increase referrals in your office?

  • Hold regular patient loyalty events such as luncheons, seminars, etc. Show referral sources they’re important with events that include and flatter them.
  • Welcome to the neighborhood” greeting cards—Lists of new homeowners are available from many sources, sometimes at a cost. Take advantage of these lists and send out a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” card to these new potential patients.
  • Ask your patients to go “Facebook Live” with a testimonial – that’s like Word of Mouth on steriods! Instead of asking your patient for a video testimonal that you host, ask them to do a Facebook live with the doctor.
  • Social Gifting: One of the lesser known client referral program ideas is social gifting. What is social gifting? Some referral programs offer no monetary or financial reward. Instead, the incentive for the referrer is pure altruism.
  • Have a prop (referral card) and just ask, “Would you mind sharing our practice information with your family and friends?” There doesn’t have to be an incentive. It’s a referral “prop” card that lists all of your fantastic services that patients can hand to other patients

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