April 25, 2017

Why Every Chiropreneur Needs A Touch of Dion Waiters Inside Us All

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Motivation

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“The NBA Is Lucky I’m Home Doing Damn Articles”

This is the title of a recent article by the what should now be considered the most irrationally confident NBA player of all time: Dion Waiters

The guy who isn’t one of the team’s best players, but he’ll have stretches in which he THINKS he is.

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But in business, especially for a start-up Chiropractor or a fledgling Chiropractor, Irrational Confidence might be the best approach.

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” – Mark Twain

Research confirms what feels intuitive; entrepreneurs are an optimistic group, afflicted with the ‘optimism bias,’ a tendency to view the glass as half full backed by the belief that negative events are what happens to other people.

This is particularly true, one study found, of serial entrepreneurs, those bootstrapping men and women who we celebrate for persevering in the face of multiple failures. The more times you step up to bat, of course, the greater the likelihood that you’ll hit a home run. But most of us aren’t wired that way. We strike out, so we decide that maybe baseball isn’t for us after all. It’s a reasonable, rational response: we learn from our dismal performance, and are no longer as optimistic about our baseball abilities. (source)

“The big thing about passion in a business is that it’s got to be coming out of you. This has to be something that you want to do so bad that everybody in your organization can see it, every one of your clients can see it, you have to exude what I call irrational confidence

“Advances are made by those with at least a touch of irrational confidence in what they can do.” – Lillian Hellman

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