April 15, 2017

Maybe Chiropractic Should Follow This “UX Truth Bomb”

By chirosushi In Blurb, Chiropractic Success

Kathy Sierra is f**king amazing.

She wrote a book titled Badass: Making Users Awesome.

She’s also so badass that a small you-know-what group of dudes literally were so scared of losing customers to her that they sent death threats.

In the book, Kathy explains why your goal shouldn’t be to sell the benefits of your product or service, it should be to make your customers badass at whatever your product or service is supposed to help them do.

So another way to look at this quote is:
“Don’t Build Better Chiropractic –
Build Better Patients.”

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1.“It’s not what you know, it’s when you know it.”

2.“Make people better at something they want to be better at.”

3. “Give users what they actually want, not what they say they want. And whatever you do, don’t give them new features just because your competitors have them!”

4. It does not matter how awesome your product is or your presentation or your post. Your awesome thing matters ONLY to the extent that it serves the user’s ability to be a little more awesome. 

5. Make the right things easy and the wrong things hard to do.

6. In many cases, the more you try to compete, the less competitive you actually are.

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