April 11, 2017

Why I became a Champion of Chiropractic

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

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Over the past two years, I’ve worked with parents and pediatric chiropractor’s developing Kiro Kidz, a company whose mission is to supply material for patient outreach and education in offices all over the world. It’s been a passion of mine, and I’ve enjoyed seeing it’s benefits in multiple offices who share the same goals of a future where one day every child will be checked for subluxation and receive the care they so desperately need.

I’ve been asked by many in the profession, and more so my own family and friends why this has become so important to me and my only answer is to share how chiropractic saved my family.

Three years ago when my youngest son received his diagnosis of regressive autism through vaccine injury we were absolutely devastated. The injustice was only outweighed by the heartache of watching our son disappear before our eyes under the hopeless catch-all of an autism diagnosis and the loom of a life where we needed to further seek the help of those who hurt our son.

I was struggling through my own anxiety and depression at the time, while my oldest son was experiencing increased symptoms of his sensory processing disorder and anxiety issues. I felt alone, scared, and angry. I wished I had trusted my own intuition, knowing that my son was struggling with adverse vaccine reactions long before stopping them, and that I had known of somewhere else to turn where my judgment and understanding of my children was not mocked and ignored.

Finding chiropractic care to support my children’s health not only improved their immune systems, and decreased the symptoms of their diagnosis but it gave me a system of healthcare that offered me hope. I was no longer being ignored, but implored to ask questions, and to understand the science that supported this care. Everything clicked, it made complete sense, and the immense transparency within the profession allowed me to find trust in another doctor.

However, I’ll forever stand by “the proof is in the pudding”. I love the science, I love how easy it is to understand, and the “aha” moment I see that comes across the face of others who begin to understand the nervous system, subluxations and the overall effect on childhood development and well-being, but nothing surpasses the continued testimonials I receive daily of families who have found improvements through chiropractic.

One thing that’s stuck with me over the years was how many people had suggested chiropractic to me when my son was younger and I was dealing with colic, constipation, ear infections, yeast infections, eczema, a barrage of food allergies and a slow decline into regressive autism. It’s not that I had anything against chiropractic but I didn’t have an issue with my grandmother’s remedy either which was to cut a potato in half, bury one half outside under a full moon, and put the other half under his pillow. (Still not sure if she was joking.) The thing is that every time I asked friends how chiropractic care could help with any of the issues I was dealing with, I got empty answers like “it just does.”

I wish that had been enough for me, but unfortunately it wasn’t until I had exhausted all other efforts that I threw my hands in the air and said, “well why the heck not.”

I regret waiting so long, and I’m saddened to think of how many others are out there thinking the same things I was as their children continue to suffer under a sick care system.

Because I wished so deeply that someone had been able to articulate the importance of having a child checked for subluxation, and explained to me it’s impact on the nervous system, and a child’s health and development, it became important to me to ensure that I would be able to do this. At first I only wanted to understand the science behind the chiropractic adjustment well enough to defend my choices to those who might ask me why we were continuing this type of care, but as my discussions sparked interest and friends and family began seeking care, I got to watch the transformation in the lives of so many loved ones. I was absolutely hooked! I became a self-proclaimed champion of chiropractic and my first mission was to write a children’s book.

I wrote Kiro Kidz Power Up to create relatable and engaging characters for children to connect with as they learned about subluxation and chiropractic adjustments. I knew that as parents read this to their children a simple message was coming across for the whole family, and this message would open their minds to a new way of seeing health.

With simple comparisons “nerves are like a power cord but instead of electricity they bring energy through your entire body” and childlike explanations “subluxation is when the bones in your back get outta whack” this book has done precisely what it was intended for.

I’ve handed it out at my children’s preschools, health fairs, and specifically chiropractic patients who do not bring their children in for care. It has opened the dialogue of pediatric chiropractic and led many to ask deeper questions. This drove me to work alongside pediatric chiropractors in developing the website www.kirokidz.com a community resource that any doctor or fellow champion of chiropractic can refer patients, friends, and family to that continues to share the chiropractic message in a way that reaches the hearts and minds of moms. I’ve sat with hundreds of mothers to answer their questions around chiropractic to ensure this website, and children’s book would be effective in bridging a current gap in those who are being reached with a strong and congruent education on the importance of being checked for subluxation.

My passion doesn’t end there as I will continue to be the best “Kiro Mom” I can be advocating for a profession that has given my family improved health and well-being as well as given me peace of mind. I will continue to share the incredible testimonials I receive, as well as break out my “Kiro Chat” at any children’s b-day party, playgroup meetup, or family get together. I will share my story at any chiropractic event that gives me a voice, as well as continue to create content for myself and others to use in breaking the barrier that is preventing a world in need of care from hearing a simple message that will lead them there.

I would encourage anyone looking to take a more active role in reaching their community on the benefits of pediatric chiropractic care to click on this link and order “Kiro Kidz Power Up” children’s book today. There are options to purchase one book for your home, or bulk options for office use as well.

Shameless plug? Maybe. But I wrote this book knowing that it was needed, and it is my deep desire to see it circulate, and continue to benefit children and offices around the world.  

Thank you,

Janaiah “Kiro Mom” von Hassel