May 8, 2019

4 Reasons the Anti-Vax Movement (or any Movement) is Failing

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

Many in Chiropractic claim the Vaccine issue is the most important facing humanity.

As we head towards SummerCamp I can’t emphasize that this event might be the most crucial to any movement leader or follower.

Because of one word:


There are many with good intent in our space but just failing at the overall operation – and how do we know they are failing.

The results.

So it’s time to THINK DIFFERENT and my suggestion would be these 4 reasons to attend SummerCamp.

1.They Aren’t Following “Stones Rules”

Love him or hate him you can’t deny the resume of Roger Stone.

We knew we would raise a few eyebrows when we announced Roger as one of our SummerCamp mentors.

But he gets results. And I think at this time if I were really concerned about what is happening with the world getting sicker I would want results.

  • Regularly briefed and prepped Ronald Regan during campaigns and converted 1980’s Catholic Democrats to vote Regan
  • Helped George H.W. Bush win the election
  • Helped George W Bush win the election
  • Helped take down Elliott Spitzer
  • Conceived and helped convert the idea of Donald Trump as President

Some of Stones Rules the Anti-Vax movement should consider – and there are just too many to get into but let’s focus on Attack and Politics

Go on the Attack

“Attack, Attack, Attack – Never Defend”

“Attack Your Enemy on Many Fronts”

“Hate is a stronger motivator than love”

“Always Praise them Before you Hit Them”

How to Win in Politics

“Losers Don’t Legislate”

“Make Your Message Big, Bold and Simple”

“Pay Your Political Debts”

“Politics is the art of addition not subtraction”

Roger Stone is a f**king genius and the first person who asks him June 29th in Miami at SummerCamp “How does the anti-vax movement win?” is going to be a hero.

2.The Movement Needs Rejection Proofing

At SummerCamp Jia Jiang will explore with us the key to becoming invincible.

In his book he shared four strategies for earning a Yes.

1. Give My “Why”: By explaining the reason behind the request, one has a higher chance to be accepted.

2. Start with “I”: Starting the request with the word “I” can give the requestor more authentic control of the request. Never pretend to think in the other person’s interests without genuinely knowing them.

3. Acknowledge Doubts: By admitting obvious and possible objections in your request before the other person, one can increase the trust level between the two parties.

4. Target the Audience: By choosing a more receptive audience, one can enhance the chance of being accepted.

3.The “Leaders” Have Not Mastered Their Voice

“Why are you guys bringing in Bradley Cooper’s voice coach to SummerCamp?”

Because Roger Love is the #1 Voice Coach.

Voice coaching isn’t just for singers.

Some people think that influence, communication and voice coaching is just for public or keynote speakers, but that’s a common misunderstanding, for two big reasons.

  • First, when you open your mouth to speak, and anyone is listening, they’re your public. That means we’re all public speakers.
  • Second, you’re a professional speaker if you have a job that requires you to speak to any other humans. For example, do you have to take orders or negotiate deals, talk to patients, speak to employees, talk to bosses, or even just greet the Internet installation worker when he or she comes to hook up your home office? Then you are a professional speaker because without sound coming out of your mouth, you couldn’t do your job.

There’s no way to escape needing your voice to succeed in life and work. It’s time to embrace this fact and start using your voice to your advantage! Change your voice to improve the way people perceive you and how they feel emotionally when you speak to them.

4. There is NO Strategy

More importantly a strategy of Preeminence!

And this brings us to 3 hours with Jay Abraham on Friday at SummerCamp.

Just a fragment of the Preeminence Strategy includes:

“Show Me” Is More Powerful Than “Tell Me”

  1. Instead of making a conclusive statement, give ammunition that allows a person to
    come to their own conclusion. You never want to draw the conclusion for them you want them to draw the conclusion that then leads them to take action and make a commitment.
  2. By allowing people to come to their own conclusions not only will they “buy into” your product or service but they will “buy into” the end result they believe they will achieve. When they draw the conclusion that, “Yes, this really will make my life easier, or make me richer, or I’ll be more respected or more powerful in my business- then they have begun to embrace the end result. At this point, the likelihood of achieving it goes up considerably.

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