March 25, 2017

Why I Have A 92% Opening Ratio

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Communication, Marketing, Motivation

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Don’t you mean “closing ratio?”

I’m  the dude who hates the term “closed” in sales –Yes. Yes I really f**king do

So let’s really call it an “Opening Ratio”

What is an Opening Ratio?

Divide the number of successful sales by the number of leads and multiply the outcome by 100. The result is your opening ratio expressed as a percent. If, for example, you had 50 sales leads and 10 sales confirmed the ratio is 10 divided by 50 multiplied by 100, which equals 20 percent.

I’ve been tracking my opening ratios since I’ve been in sales and continued as an entrepreneur.

Here are my rates from all my stops:

AT&T: 89%

Crunch: 88%

Avaca: 98%

DoctorBase: 73%

Celebrating Women Center: 92%

805Marketing: 100%

MyNewExpert: 100%

ChiroSushi: 95%

Average total: 92%

I’ve sold health, software, gym memberships, cell phones, consulting, products and even investments. My ass has been around the block.

I wanted to figure out why I’ve had such a high opening ratio

Let’s go down the rabbit hole…

I Invest In My Goals

From seminars to coaching I never stop my hunger for more knowledge. Over the last 9 years, I’ve attended over 27 personal development, sales training, and marketing seminars.

I also need to know more and put myself around other successful entrepreneurs, like you should at The ChiroSushi Summit

I Listen To My Mentors and Gurus

And I implement what I learn.

Who are some of my mentors and gurus?

John Sung Kim (going to be at ChiroSushi Summit)

Grant Cardone (going to be at ChiroSushi Summit)

Ari Galper (Trust Based Selling 101)

Jordan Belfort (he’s sketchy but his stuff is good)

My father

My Marketing Game Is On Point

Now I’ve started to build a reputation as someone who understands marketing really well but the truth is I’m really a salesman with a chip on my shoulder because all the cool kids are the marketing gurus and I wanted to be at that table.

So I’m still learning from smarter people than me.

In the old days, sales and marketing were kind of like bitter step brothers.

Sales would go to Marketing and say “Where are my leads?” and then Marketing would say “F**k off, close more deals you lazy bastard so we can have more money to spend and then come back to me!”

And then operations would get involved…


But I really look at marketing as my wingman

It should set me up to close…

It should “take one for the team”…

It should protect me…

So I focus the majority of my marketing on social proof marketing within social media and search.

I Pregame

Call it “The Secret”, visualization or even meditation I usually go into my head and think about how I EXPECT the consult or call to go. I usually do this in the shower to start my day.

Also, I tend to try and fall in love with my potential clients.

I research them and find out as much as possible – and with social media, it can get kind of creepy, but I’d rather know if I can drop that “Office” quote or not with a potential prospect.

I Have Systems

First for me:

I have tracking numbers on marketing ads (so I already know what they are interested in) and I have tracking software when they open emails. Basically, again, I’m like a creepy boyfriend.

For my team

My team has scripts I’ve developed for them to ensure each touch point is a success.

We also have a “Never Say No” policy which has created a culture of winning and turned my team from order takers to problem solvers.

For example;

New patient calls and asks “Do you take my insurance?”

The old response might have been “No, sorry we don’t – we take _______”

In our office, the staff is trained to empower our patients to know their rights and options. Everyone deserves options!

I Have Passion

Do you have to like what you sell? 

It helps but you don’t need to.

Years ago I use to sell memberships for Crunch fitness and I:

  • Never worked out
  • Thought the meatheads were idiots
  • Couldn’t stand the personal trainers
  • Smoked in front of the gym
  • Ate tollhouse ice cream sandwiches in front of the gym
  • Use to buy dope in front…

Ok, wait…I was f**king hot mess back then!

…oh San Francisco….

But the point is, I really wasn’t invested in my health and could care less about working out. I wasn’t passionate about selling gym memberships.

But when I consulted with my clients I owned their investment.

It wasn’t about me it was about them and their goals and motivation. I fell in love with what they wanted to accomplish and I became a partner for their journey.

You can’t fake passion, believe me, I’ve tried with many women. But you can connect everyone on a human level and get locked into their passion.

*Side note on passion*

This is why we need to circle up and attend conventions (like the ChiroSushi Summit) and seminars – there is a reason we need to motivate ourselves.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar

I Speak To Them Like They (Should) Have A Math Complex

Ok, this one I stole from my mentor and ChiroSushi Summit presenter John Sung Kim.

When giving a consult you have to present data. You have to show the odds of success. The years backing you. The dollar amount on the table. The potential costs associated with not moving forward.

Give them data backed up by research. Become a data junkie.

I’m Redundant

During a consult I repeat a lot of the same stuff over and over and over…

And I ask for confirmation of understanding. I ask for that over and over and over…

I’m Transparent

Or authentic… or whatever buzzword works…

Basically, I tell the truth

I tell real stories of success, failure and if I don’t know the answer I will admit it. But like Henry Ford I will find them the answer.

I get the bulls**t out of the way.

  • Instead of telling the price at the end I do it in the beginning.
  • If I have a goal for the purpose of us connecting I will lay it on the line.
  • I have information readily available and I will frame the context or not based on the request of the client.

I also self-deprecate a lot and put them in the spotlight.

(We) Problem Solve

One thing I’ve learned in many failed relationships is that I can’t solve your problems even if I can – because I can – like I really f**king can solve all your problems.WHY WON’T YOU LET ME SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM…

But there is ego there for me and them.

I turn the consult into us solving a puzzle together. It’s fun, engaging and everyone feels like a winner in the end.

I don’t problem solve – We problem solve

I Don’t Overcome I Diffuse, Agree and Pull Away

Whenever I hear or see a sales training on “Overcoming Objections” I always think of the dude in the bar who trying way too hard to get laid. Everything coming out his mouth says “Are you going to f**k me?”

So I ask for help.

Humans love to help other humans. Where there is an objection there is usually defense – and to break down the defense you need to slow it down and get that person back into a nurturing mode.

I ask them to help me do that by agreeing or emphasizing with them and finding the kernel of truth in what they are saying.

“Can you help me? You know you’re right? $6000 is a lot of money to commit to for health. Maybe it’s not the right fit for you right now. What do you think?”

Slow them down. Then go back to problem-solving together

I Never Ask For A Sale

But I do ask for a commitment.

Pressure makes people want to run and hide. If I did my job of giving a great edification and collaborated on problem-solving together than I really don’t typically need to ask for the sale – they do.

But if they don’t, I usually ask for a commitment to follow up by a certain date and I will commit to them to getting them more information to digest. You can’t ever overwhelm with information.

I Follow Through

I use content and information to drip like a leaky faucet in a horror movie. There is a rhythm to it. You can set up automation tools, but I still use my innate.

Based on the information you’ve collected and the pulse of your journey with the client, you should know when is too many touch points and when you haven’t touched enough.

I treat them as a customer already – because it’s not if…it’s when!

I Do Things That Don’t Scale

The biggest problem in any business is scaling. The answer is doing things that aren’t scaleable.

  • I’ve set up booths at strip clubs to sell gym memberships
  • I worked 72 hours straight with pneumonia to hit goals
  • I make myself available 24/7
  • I’ve traveled thousands of miles to get 2 minutes with a client
  • I’ve slept with cougars to get angel money
  • I’ve spent 3 hours teaching a 78-year-old doctor how to post an update on Facebook
  • I’ve dressed as a whale and looked like an idiot at conventions

You have to over commit, over deliver and over expose yourself sometimes to get it done.

There is so much more and I truly believe you can get more and better answers at our upcoming ChiroSushi Summit 

But if you would ever like to just shoot the s**t and talk sales of communication feel free to hit me up at or text me – 805-844-7414

Remember…ABO – Always Be Opening!