March 23, 2017

What Is Your Song?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Motivation

This morning a rare early text appeared from a best friend.

From Patient Mastery Founder Dr. Josh Wagner

It was a picture of his Cayenne dash screen with my favorite song on his XM.
I remember first falling in love with this song during the drives home with my dad
after football games.
Drives through the most beautiful New York fall days of crisp blue skies and turning leaves…

Bruised, muddied and exhausted after pouring my heart out on the field.

And grateful my dad was proud of me more than the score at the end of the game.

It was a rite of passage for me.

This song mysteriously came on most of those silent rides home…
And it stuck with me.
And never ever left.
It continued through high school and college days as the song blasting in the packed car.

During all those nights I’ll never remember with the guys I’ll never forget.

And any one of those guys could name it 20 years later if you asked.

And to this day when I hear it my posture straightens,
the hairs on my arm raise
and a smile forms…

That’s why I got the text this morning.

I want you to have a feeling like that 20 years from now too.
Looking back on the memories of your practice.
All your wonderful patients.
The fun moments, the funny, the exciting, the record-breaking, even the heart-breaking…
You’ll never get all the sweet without any sour.

But when you look back on it in entirety…  there’s immense gratitude and love.

Today for me… it’s not sports or nights out with the guys still bringing me gratitude.

It’s making a real difference in the quality of great DC’s practices.
Both in numbers AND feeling.
Because one isn’t worth it without the other.
I received many on-the-fence inquiries who didn’t end up taking advantage of it.
And I know for some that causes regret afterward…
Not acting on inspiration because of reasons in the way…

Excuses and reasons never go away.

And I’m not discrediting any of yours.

I just don’t want you to let the inspiration of what’s possible for your practice to go away.

To think a growing and profitable, fun and patient-centered easier practice is possible.
It’s more possible now than ever before.
Because it’s exactly what patients are CRAVING.
They’re so tired of the old ways how they’ve been spoken to, preached to and processed…
You can change that starting now and the rest of your career.
And look back in comfortable retirement how grateful you were that you did.

That’s what I want for you.

And know that you’ll always have reasons NOT to do something new…

But you won’t always have inspiration.
You need anything I’m right here for you.
Become the most referred to, sought after and respected DC in town.
Dr. Josh Wagner
The Perfect Patient Funnel System
Here’s the song…what’s yours