March 18, 2017

One of the Biggest Mistakes Chiropractors Make

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Website Marketing

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Not only is it not helping you…

Cookie Cutter Website Services Might Be Hurting You!

There are many vendors that offer cheap, low-cost websites that “look great” and promise to have –

A. Cheap, affordable web hosting

B. Great designs that look beautiful and convert

C. Packages to help you rank higher in Google

But here is why template based websites actually hurt you!

uclan dissertation front page template final year degree project cialis black 800mg uk watch food tech homework help female viagra in mumbai political cartoon essays does viagra increase bp scholarship essays sample can viagra cure impotence permanently plavix and skin rash use viagra y no funciono see abortion discursive essay thesis on teamwork misotrol cytotec precios sales generic viagra safe flagyl 2 example compare contrast essays kids enter click here cialis 20 mg prix maroc how to essay examples for college 1.Shared Hosting can actually lead to being punished on Google because your site and the other sites on the “Cookie Cutters” website are actually housed in the same house. So if your colleague in New York hires some sketchy SEO consultant to do some work for them on their site, your site might face the consequences of their actions.

2. Similar website code for many of its customers actually hurts rankings. There are no short cuts here. Many of these hosted website template services act as beautiful business cards on the web, but they will not rank highly in Google in and of themselves. In fact most of the time it is punished because these sites also house duplicate content. Also, Google is remarkably good at giving consumers what they want – which is not beautiful, template websites of doctors all ranking highly, all from the same vendor.

3.The branding sucks the life out of your practice! As the founders of MyChiroPractice states:

“Cookie-cutter chiropractic websites, uninspired chiropractic logos, outdated chiropractic office decors, unprofessional chiropractic attires, and home-made chiropractic marketing pieces are in part responsible for sending your potential patients to medical doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and even acupuncturists.” – MyChiroPractice

4. Customer support that actually hurts you because updates for their for their sites are non-existent or often end up breaking sites that use them!

So what the answer?

Just like many of the best Chiropractors don’t want our patients to go to mill factories the same can be said about finding a personalized, curated and customized web designer that is not only fluent in SEO but also Branding.

We suggest: MyChiroPractice


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