March 6, 2017

I Got Called An “Amazing Idiot” For This Craigslist Job Posting…But The Joke Is On Them!

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management

Finding good people is rough – try this hack!

So back in winter of 2014, I was running a clinic and we were just having the most awful time with staff.

A month before we had to fire two staff members for drinking on the job (really?) and were forced, due to timing, to use a staffing agency (worst decision ever).

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So I came up with this Craigslist Ad Template

Title: Rockstar Detail Oriented Juggler

Salary: TBD


We are: An amazing healthcare practice that has been awarded best family doctor by our local paper 2 years in a row.

You are: An amazing multi-tasker who is detail oriented and customer service focused who is not afraid of “Sales” and can deal with mundane tasks like filing charts.

The first step to applying for this job is to figure out who we are! We gave you one hint but here is another – the doctor went to school at Cal-State.

Once you figure that out you can probably find our email and address pretty easy.

If interested please send us an email with the subject line: “Hello I am the amazing ______ (your name)” and:

  1. Tell us what is wrong with the picture of the dog above
  2. Tell us more about yourself
  3. Tell us one thing you would improve or help make better in our office

Then in 3 days please stop by our office with a handwritten note to remind us to look for your email and 3 ways you will help us make more money, save money and make the doctors life easy!

I only got 3 responses over one week

The first one was to tell me what an idiot I was:

I was almost interested in applying for your amazing position, until I read further.

It is so unprofessionally written, it boggles the mind. It truly gives the feeling of YOU need someone to file while we are at our play date from 9-5.

While having a fun at you job is important, so you enjoy coming and work hard, being part of a professional organization and representing it as SO is equally important.

One would expect that you would be paying quite handsomely for that amazing person with an amazing high salary, premier parking, and paid PPO insurance from date of hire.

Having taken the time to figure out the office your job poster  represents. ..

I have to wonder does the Doctor even know what a ridiculous ad you have placed?

You sound amazingly like an 20 year idiot recruiting other amazing idiots.

As a customer, the maturity level of the office administration and it human resources staff is quickly summed up in YOUR one degrading job post.

Please refer to a Thesaurus for additional vocabulary words.

The next two were actual job applicants

And only one of them followed up with the handwritten note.

So we hired the Amazing Alexis after a 12 minute interview.

And for two years, until she wanted to go back to school, she was the most amazing hire we ever had – doing the work of 2-3 people and helping us boost our online reviews in the customer service department.

But was it a fluke?

I tried the same approach to replace Alexis and same result.

So I let my pediatric dentist friend swipe my copy and try – same results.

And then a Plastic Surgeon – again, the same result.

Why did this work?

Well my goal was to weed out the savages and “DMV” type of employees who always apply first.

Then, I wanted to make sure the peeps that can talk a good game but never back it up were weeded out with the pre-work I sent them.

I wanted to see their handwriting skills and presentation.

Basically , I gave them a pre-hiring real life work test – and it worked!

Here are some other ideas for some disruptive hiring:

This is from one of our idols, Noah Kagen over at AppSumo – love these ideas…

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