February 21, 2017

3 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Practice

By chirosushi In Marketing, Marketing Tools, Social Media Marketing

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Taken from a previous interview I had with Physicians Practice
What are the top 3 digital marketing things you’ve implemented since you’ve started running the business?

1. Google Adwords with Social Proof

We found that most practices were not doing any form of AdWords and the ones that were either directing them to their homepage of their website or the more advanced practices were leading them to “cookie-cutter” landing pages to collect emails.
We found success with running our Adwords campaigns to lead to our optimized 3rd party pages with reviews such as Yelp or DoctorBase – we knew they prospective patients were going to end up there anyway so why not make it easy for them and just let our current patients tell our story.

2. Retargeting with AdRoll

We work so hard to get prospective patients to our domains through word of mouth, internal marketing, external marketing and digital marketing that we hate to see any of efforts go to waste. We found that utilizing retargeting ads helped extend our branding and increase our new patient conversions from those efforts.

3. Mobile Videos

From patients sharing a success story to our team providing education and information to us being goofy with a Dubsmash, we try once a week to have video content produced from our smartphone or tablet. None of us are a Michael Moore or Ken Burns but we found that our audience does like seeing our faces and stories and there is no excuse with how easy it is to create in 2016. Throw in the fact that just one video can be a branding piece on Instagram, a social observation on Facebook and SEO content on Youtube all in one and you can have 17 videos be a year of content as your disposal.

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