February 15, 2017

The UBER of Chiropractic?

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Marketing, Podcast, Practice Management

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Five years ago, a company called UberCab made a splash in San Francisco by letting you hail a car with your smartphone. Since then, the company, now known as Uber, has spread like wildfire through the globe. Uber currently operates in 58 countries and is valued at over $60 billion.

So what can Chiropractor’s learn from Uber and it’s CEO Travis Kalanick?

Have a Champions Mindset

That “champion’s mindset” is one of the traits of a great entrepreneur, Travis told the students once at Miami Dade College, many of them entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs.

To take a company from five people to Uber’s current workforce of 5,000, great entrepreneurs also need purpose – for Uber it’s making transportation as reliable as running water. Their product or service must also have magic, that something that makes your customers awestruck, and it must be something that everybody can’t offer, he said. Great entrepreneurs have to be comfortable going against the grain, and they are a cross between analytical and creative, said Kalanick, who came up with the idea for Uber Ice Cream Day, which has since gone viral.

Great entrepreneurs also enjoy the ride, because then even the hardest problems are fun to solve: “It’s a long journey and you have to push to a point where it hurts.” Getting over the fear of failure is also critical, and Kalanick said he had to overcome the fear after facing “100 no’s a day for four years straight” at his previous entrepreneurial venture.

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Tell A Story

He believes that entrepreneurs must be good story tellers to articulate their vision and ideas to investors and customers. What if you aren’t one? “If you can’t communicate, then you probably should get a co-founder who can,” he said.

For Chiropractors this means:

  1. Investing in coaches, mentors, and seminars to hone your communication skills. Some mentors for communication we recommend (based on popular feedback) are Dr. Charles Ward, Dr. Alok TrivediDr. Josh Wagner, Dr.Rick Wren, Dr. Shawn Dill, Dr. Marc Swerdlick and Dr. Liam Schubel
  2. Investing in staff or a CA who can be your mouthpiece and your sales force. But, like Uber, you have to get them to “own” and “not rent” the experience.

“At Uber, we say, ‘Always be hustling’. Even if you are an introvert and you haven’t got hustle in you, you better get a co-founder who does. And if you haven’t got enough hustle to find a co-founder who’s got hustle, it’s going to be tough. You’ve got to have a little hustle in you. Get out there and make s**t happen,” he said.”

Get Experimental

Typically after launching in a city, Uber follows it’s playbook:

  1. Give free rides
  2. Deliver wow experience
  3. Experimental word of mouth

For Chiropractors:

    1. Give Free Care – We’ve spoken before about philanthropy is one of the best marketing options because of PR and goodwill. If you are just launching your practice, the best bet might be to offer free care in an experimental way – I spoke about this recently on Richard Avery’s Crush’n It Chiropractic Podcast .
    2. Deliver a Wow Experience – Sounds easy right? Here are some tips; use appointment reminder software (text and email) – we suggest VitaLogics. Make it easy for patients to pay you – applications like Chosen Payments help. Offer high-grade compliments to your care like Proper Pillow and follow up with them with great content from groups like AmpLIFEied.
    3. Experimental Word of Mouth – This is where it gets fun. Check out what experts like ChiroSocialTech, MyChiroPractice and what Dr. Ryan Bones & Chiropractic Unity are doing. The buzz and least path of resistance is in Influencer Video Marketing and you can incorporate tools from them in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for SEO and Branding. We’d also suggest taking a look at what startups, like Chubbies are doing with unique user generated content from their clients.


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